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YesSpiral going with the flow into yoga, tarot, herbalism, and more

In 2010 I was strongly and firmly called to Tarot and ever since I've used it as a way to evolve and trust my intuition and gut feelings.  I firmly believe everyone can co-create their future by the decisions, actions, and mindset we focus on in the present. 


My philosophy consists of utilizing a tarot reading as a tool to make sense and bring awareness to what is hidden in the shadows. Readings with me are like taking a good look in a magic mirror to reveal our concealed truths and deepest dreams and desires. I find that taking a look at these aspects of ourselves opens the door to actually manifesting dreams, achieving life goals, and taking that required leap of faith to design the life you want.

Immersions into tarot, yoga, reiki, herbalism, shamanism, and astrology color the YesSpiral way of seeing the world and how I read tarot. I consider myself a holistic tarot reader and this means that I customize my readings according to the client. 

Yes Spiral into Synchronicity 

YesSpiral going with the flow into yoga, tarot, herbalism, and more

YesSpiral path 

The more I listened to my inner knowing the more I learned about how magical is. 

An array of topics and wisdom gave birth to YesSpiral. The yes in YesSpiral is about saying yes and going along with what your intuition and gut tell you. The spiral in YesSpiral is what happens to a life when simple positive changes are made that encourages a positive life experience filled with synchronicity.  I want to connect you to the tools I built throughout the years and ultimately guide you to trust your intuition for a curated and uplifting life of your design.

It’s my ultimate goal to lead you on your own Yes Spiral journey. I want to help you find what nourishes, rejuvenates, and inspires you! 


I offer classes, service, and products to help you help yourself.  You are the hero of your life, and I’m here as a guide. 


I was born, raised, and still reside in Manhattan, New York. A small and congested island filled with diversity, bits of nature, and endless opportunity for growth. 

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