Yes Spiral


Over the years I've fallen into many spirals of learning and insights via holistic

centers, websites, books, products, etc. Here are some links for your fancy.


A free online course

Learn Tarot

This free online course was my go to source when I first started reading tarot. The content is great for a beginner or experienced tarot enthusiast.

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Tarot Deck in a Tin

Smith-Waite Centennial

This is one of the decks I use. I like it because most websites and books use the imagery to describe the tarot cards. This deck or any other Smith Rider Waite is a good beginner deck.

Giving a Speech

Transformative Workshops

NY Open Center

An educational get-away located in Manhattan. The Open Center offers holistically-based educational programs to create positive transformation in individuals and the world.

Keep coming back. This page will be ever evolving with new links.

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Flowers Herbs and Roots

Flower Power

An herb shop in the heart of NYC. A wonderful shop with a wall of over 300 herbs and the place where I apprentice as an herbalist.

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Online Herbal Education

Herbal Academy

The Herbal Academy has a wonderful blog full of great information on all things herbs. They also have a catalog of courses you can sign up for.

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Educational Center

The Tarot School

I've studied Tarot with Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone for the past 4 years. They offer a wealth of knowledge and insight. They are also the hosts of Readers Studio.