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Dark Moon in Pisces

The moon has now gone round the zodiac and returned back to Pisces. This time is known as the dark moon and the balsamic moon. It encourages introspection, meditation, and divination.

Pisces is a mutable (adaptable to change) water (emotions and intuition) sign.

The dark moon phase is a good time to review the intentions set at the new moon then take a few moments to reflect how you felt this moonth. Acknowledge both when you were up/positive/happy/grateful/peaceful and when you were down/negative/sad/worried/anxious. Doing this exercise can help you gain clarity towards the things you want to invite into your life vs the things you want to banish. Also, this practice can help you avoid those negative feelings by noticing the early warning signs when they are coming up so can take steps to nip them in the bud.

In addition to doing this at the dark moon this is something you can practice at the end of any cycle such as when you are leaving a job, ending a relationship, or when a birthday is coming up.

Ritual Time

Set the mood, light some candles, or adjust the lights in your home to invite in a feeling of warmth, safety, and comfort. Light some incense or put your favorite essential oils in the diffuser (I like to diffuse, palo santo, eucalyptus, and cedar). Take out your favorite crystals to keep you company and brew up a cup of tea (or make yourself your calming and soothing beverage of choice).

Burning and Banishing

Herb Craft

Things you will need:

  1. Fireproof bowl (or pot)

  2. Bay Leaves (or paper)

  3. Sharpie or Pen

  4. Matches or candle

The Ritual

  • Write out things you wish to banish on the bay leaves or paper. Be specific, for example: “release fear about X” “banish limiting belief about X” instead of "fear" or "limiting belief". Limit this to 10.

  • Take the Bay leaf (or paper) and light with the flame from the matches or candle, saying out loud (or quietly) what you have written. For example: “I hereby release all fear about X”, or I banish limiting beliefs about X. I no longer need the lessons that these feelings, things, or circumstances would teach me. If I haven’t already, I commit to learning these lessons in a way that allows clarity, conviction, and expansion of my heart".

  • Drop the leaves onto the fireproof bowl or pot, and visualize the attachments dissolving into the ether.

  • After you are done banishing these energies, invite a peaceful vibe back into your space by putting on some music you can dance to, doing a little shimmy shake, and expressing gratitude for all that is well and good in your life.

For most potent results do this BEFORE the exact time of the New Moon in Aries on Sunday, April 11th at 10:31pm ET.

New Moon in Aries circle is coming up on Monday April 12th at 7pm.

Sign up and join me in community for a moonth, a season, or the full year.

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