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Dark Moon in Virgo

The dark moon is when no sunlight is reflected on the moon towards the earth and it is not visible in the sky. This occurs two or three days before the New Moon arrives. Figuratively speaking, this is the time of death before rebirth.

This is a great time for reflection, meditation, and introspection. It is a time to review the intentions set at the beginning of the moon and analyze where you stand. It is a great time to let go of the old and tired things in order to make space for new and exciting beginnings.

The moon is currently back in Virgo, where we started.

Virgo is about analyzing, discriminating, and functioning efficiently. It rules over:

Physical Health: Diet, Exercise, Healing

Work: Career, Jobs, Work Projects, Structured Routines

Creative Organization: Orderly Spaces, Detailed Oriented, Efficiency & Planning

Discrimination: Analysis, Critical Thinking, Focus, Discernment

Service: Willingness to Adapt, Practical Helpfulness, Conscientiousness

Excessive Perfectionism: Worry, Criticism, Blame and Judgement, Workaholic

Health: Bowels and Intestines, Constipation & Diarrhea, Digestion,Solar Plexus

Read the questions below and sit with them a moment.

Take a few long deep breaths.

On the inhale visualize your intentions manifested.

On the exhale visualize yourself releasing the things that no longer fit in your life.

Continue for a few minutes until you feel ready to answer the questions below (or just pick one question or if you know what you want to release skip the questions).

Use your Intution or pull some Tarot/Oracle Cards

1. Is there anything holding you back from (exercising, going after that job you want, or keeping an orderly home, etc. Virgo thing)?

2. What are you willing to let go of?

3. What is no longer working in your life?

4. What are your self-defeating thoughts/beliefs that have to go?

Now it’s time for some Burning and Banishing

Herb Craft

Things you will need:

  1. Fireproof bowl (or pot)

  2. Bay Leaves (or paper)

  3. Sharpie or Pen

  4. Matches or candle

The Ritual

  • Write out things you want to banish on the bay leaves or paper. Be specific, for example: “release fear about X” “banish limiting belief about X” instead of "fear" or "limiting belief". I would limit this to 10.

  • Take the Bay leaf (or paper) and light with the flame from the matches or candle, saying out loud (or quietly) what you have written. For example: “I hereby release all fear about X”, or “I banish limiting beliefs about X"

  • Drop the leaves onto the fireproof bowl or pot, and visualize the attachments being broken.

  • After you are done banishing these energies, invite a peaceful vibe back into your space by putting on some music you can dance to, doing a little shimmy shake, and expressing gratitude for all that is well and good in your life.

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