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Leo Moonth

Work with the Phases of the Leo New Moon Cycle to design the life you want.

Cancer New Moon. Cancer Glyph Crab Claws, Cancer Symbol the Crab. 2022 Cycle June 28th - July 28th

The height of Summer has arrived! The fieriest season of the year in the northern hemisphere. It embodies the element of fire and the energy of the Sun. The days are long, the plants have blossomed, and the first harvest is coming up soon. Cancer started off the season by taking us on a practical quest to secure our home and family. The Leo new moon invites you to develop your courage. To follow your instinctual callings with enthusiasm and creativity. To establish ourselves with confidence while bring be true to our heart’s desires.

The Moon Starts a New Cycle in Leo

The Leo 2022 New Moon is on Thursday, August 27th at 1:55pm ET.

Leo is the lion, the ruler of love and the heart. They are enthusiastic, self-assured, and creative leaders. They are generous and full of vitality and inspiration. Leo has a need to express themselves and be appreciated by others. Ruled by the Sun, Leo’s get noticed, they radiate dignity and confidence. The Leo mood is open-hearted, romantic, and playful. The archetypes of Leo are the Performer, the Child, and the Clown. When Leo is on a downward spiral the energy is dictatorial, self-centered, and arrogant. The tarot card associated with Leo is Strength. Strength symbolizes courage, self-discipline, and determination.

What are the Leo Rulerships?

The new moon is when the sun and the moon are together in the sky. Making it a potent time to set intentions based on rulerships of the zodiac sign they are in. The the Leo New Moon is a potent time to set intentions around courage, love, and developing our instincts.

Cancer rulerships, Home & family, nurturing, feelings & moods, Safety, Intimacy, Process, Insecurity
  • Heart Connections: Romance, Dating, Affairs, Inner Child, Playfulness

  • Giving Love: Loyalty, Generosity, Joy, Encouragement, Kindness

  • Creativity: Creative Projects, Artistic Expression, Enthusiasm, Passion

  • Recognition: Self-Confidence, Self-Expression, Dignity, Being Center Stage

  • Pleasure: Fun, Parties, Celebrations, Vacations, Me-time, Amusement

  • Determination: Leadership, Concentration, Purpose, Stamina

  • Arrogance: Pride, Dramatic, Self-Centered, Extravagant, Bossy

Cancer 2022 Moonth Cycle June 28th through July 28th

When is the Leo 2022 New Moon Cycle?

The Leo 2022 New Moon cycle starts on July 28th and ends on August 27th.

The Leo new, waxing, full, AND waning moons are ALL in fixed, stable and consistent signs. This Leo moonth is an optimal time to solidify the intentions set at the Cancer moonth with heart, generosity, and courage. You can do this by creating structures and routines to make them an everyday part of your life. The persistent Leo energy will provide the stamina to continue the actions started in Cancer.

Leo New Moon

The Leo new moon invites you to develop your courage to follow your instinctual callings. The tools of the time are personal will and creativity.

Scorpio Waxing Moon

The Scorpio waxing moon invites you to nourish your self-discipline, commitment, and transformative abilities. The tools of the time are spirituality and intuition.

Aquarius Full Moon

The Aquarius full moon invites you to celebrate the courageous and innovative ways in which you live your life. The tools of the time are logic and intellect.

Taurus Waning Moon

The Taurus waning moon invites you to release resistance to living your values and belief system. The tools of the time are practicality and tradition.

Virgo Next New Moon

The Virgo next new moon invites you to develop routines, determination, and responsibility. The tools of the time practicality and stability.

Leo New Moon Tarot Spread

Yes Spiral practice, work with the energies of the moon, astrology, and tarot all at once. The tarot spread below is a SPIRAL practice. The first and last card connect one moonth to the next. Card #5 becomes card #1 in the next new moon spread.

Cancer New Moon Tarot Spread.
  1. What is the seed of the Leo Moonth?

  2. What do you nurture to grow at the Scorpio waxing moon?

  3. What do you celebrate/forgive at the Aquarius full moon?

  4. What do you release at the Taurus waning moon?

  5. What is the seed of the upcoming moonth in Cancer? (use card #5 as card # 1 next moonth)

I wrote more about the tarot cards associated with Leo in last year's Leo New Moon blog post. You can find it here.

Cancer 2022 Moonth  June 28th -July 28th. Cancer invites you to develop your drive.

The best way to make your intentions into a reality is by dedicating time to them. Every new moon I set my intentions, do my tarot spread, and revisit it. I reflect on where I was, where I am, and where I'm going. I find this introspection brings me clarity on how to move forward. It also helps with synchronicity because the Universe knows what I want.

The New Moon in Leo workbook is a framework for my personal development practice. Working with the natural cycles of life helps me to be more resilient as I expect things to come in and go out of my life. I use tarot to bring in clarity and address blind spots in my life. If you want to try it, click on the link below.

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