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Libra Waxing Moon

The first quarter moon is waxing (growing) in Libra. It is time to nourish your partnerships and collaborate with others. The tools of the time communication and intellect.

Libra Waxing moon, nourish your partnerships and collaborate with others.

At the first quarter moon phase the moon is in between new and full. This happens approximately one week after the new moon and one week before the full moon.

The first quarter waxing moon is a time of growth. Whatever seeds you planted at the new moon have now taken root and are beginning to shoot up.

This is a good time to review your intentions and notice if any of them have words that are vague or general. Circle those words and come up with specific words to describe what you want to bring into your life. Then review your revised intention list and determine which one(s) of your intentions you want to nourish into a goal.

Which of your intentions will you nourish into a goal?


Libra is the sign of beauty, harmony, and relationships. Libra sees things clearly and acts with tact and diplomacy. The energy is supportive, creative, and collaborative. In tarot, Libra is represented by Justice. Justice symbolizes solving problems, negotiating, and coming up with agile solutions for any situation.

Cardinal Air Libra - Queen of Swords - cuts through illusions and deception
Cardinal Air aka Queen of Swords cuts through illusion and deception.

Libra Waxing Moon Attributes

We are under the Gemini New Moon Umbrella which is all about how we communicate, build relationships, and our social skills. Gemini and Libra are both air signs meaning they use the tools of intellect, rationality, and logic. When the moon is in Libra there is a need to cooperate with others and to create harmony. The mood is focused on aesthetics. It inspires us to bring beauty, fairness, and balance to our lives and situations.

Remember of the Queen of swords when you are presented with a choice or a proposition.

Libra Waxing Moon Tarot or Oracle Spread

Libra Waxing Moon - 06/26/23 - July 3rd

The Libra waxing moon invites you to you to nourish your partnerships and collaborate with others. The tools of the time communication and intellect.

Waxing Moon Tarot Spread
  1. What do you nurture to grow at the Libra waxing moon? (Use card 2 from New Moon Spread)

  2. Who can you collaborate with improve your communication skills?

  3. What is an agile solution to ________ (insert a problem you are currently facing)?

  4. What support do you need to stay focused on your path?

  5. How can you invite harmony into your life?


I would love to see your tarot spread. Share it on Instagram with the hashtag above

New Moon Intention Journal

Gemini Moonth Cycle Review

The Gemini new moon cycle the energy starts off adaptable. Then we move into quick and driven cardinal energy at the waxing, full, waning and next new moon. This is going to be a taking initiative type of Moonth! This ambitious and enthusiastic energy will help us to get ideas and projects out into the world.

  1. Gemini New Moon - 06/18/23 - Develop your social and communication skills. The tools of the time are thoughts and intention.

  2. Libra Waxing Moon - 06/26/23 - Nourish your partnerships and collaborate with others. The tools of the time communication and intellect.

  3. Capricorn Full Moon - 07/03/23 - Celebrate your ambition and success. The tools of the time are practicality and stability.

  4. Aries Waning Moon - 07/09/23 - Release resistance to directing your life. The tools of the time are taking action and creativity

  5. Cancer Next New Moon - 07/17/23 - Develop your financial security. The tools of the time are dreams and spirituality.

Capricorn Full Moon Circle

Friday July 7th at 7:30 - 406 East 9th St - East Village, NYC


• intimate gathering

• reflection

• ritual

• sharing

• connection

• tarot and oracle cards


Updated 06/24/23

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