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The Celtic Cross

YesSpiral version of the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

If you have a tarot deck and have looked at the little white book you have most likely already encountered the Celtic Cross Spread. It is the first spread I learned and is still my go to spread for general readings. It has a way of acting as a mirror and getting to the heart of what is going on in the questioner's life. It always taps into great insight particularly when it is used as a collaborative spread.

When I used the Celtic Cross Spread I lay out the cards and I work in collaboration with the questioner. I use my knowledge of the traditional meanings of the cards along with intuitive revelations and astrological correspondences combined with insights from the questioner. The reading is richer when many elements are combined, especially, insights from the questioner.

The Celtic Cross Spread reveals what is happening now and what could happen if things continue as they are. It shines a light on the things that are kept in the shadow. It provides the information you need to know right now in order to make the changes, moves, and decisions that will shape the future you believe is best for you.

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Positions

  1. The Present / You - This position shows what is happening now. The heart of the matter. The thing that is of concern at the moment.

  2. Crosses You or Holds You Up - This position informs us of the challenger or helper at the moment.

  3. Known - This position shows what you consciously know, what you want at the moment, and or what your focus or goal is.

  4. Unknown - This position represents what you don't know is currently playing a role in the unconscious mind. It is usually something that is surprising but makes perfect sense once it is exposed.

  5. The Past - This position shows the past and how it has influenced the current situation.

  6. The Future - This position shows an outcome that can manifest in reality if everything stays the same.

  7. You - This position represents you now generally. It reveals the role your actions play in influencing the heart of the matter.

  8. Influences Around You - This position represents your environment and how it is affecting you or how you are perceived by others.

  9. Hopes or Fears - This position represents either a hope or a fear and sometimes it represents both. All the preceding cards must be taken into consideration before it is determined if this position is a hope or a fear.

  10. Outcome - This position shows a probable outcome. In the traditional Celtic Cross Spread it is only one card but I like to get additional information with two cards, especially if the outcome is a challenge.

In summary, the Celtic Cross Spread is what many people call a complicated spread but we are all complex beings. We require an in-depth look at what is driving the heart of the matter, what is rooted in the conscious and unconscious mind, how the past is influencing our future, and how our own actions, narratives, desires, and values are manifesting our future.

I invite you to lay the cards out for yourself and see what is revealed. Alternatively, I will be happy to work in collaboration with you to see what is heart of your matter.

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