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Waning Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn Goat in a third quarter waning half moon
Third Quarter Waning Moon in Capricorn

The moon is waning in Capricorn today standing in the center of the light of the full moon and dark of the new moon. The Capricorn waning moon asks us to pause, reflect, assess, and release.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign meaning it initiates action (cardinal) in the material (earth) world of family, traditions, and work.

Capricorn's energy invites in a need for structure, organization and accomplishing goals. When Capricorn is on an upward spiral the energy is disciplined, constructive, and ambitious. When the energy is on a downward spiral it is controlling, compulsive, and materialistic.

The planetary ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, known as the task master planet. It is active when we set a goal and helps us to work towards its achievement. When the moon is waning it is a good time to determine if anything is getting in the way of your success. Take steps to replace those actions that hinder your success with something more constructive.

Reflect and Assess

Take a look at your intentions and notes from the Pisces new moon and consider what is asking to be released to make space for the new moon in Aries next week. Take out your tarot cards, find your Full Moon in Capricorn card from the Pisces New Moon Spread and place it in position number one.

  1. What do I let go of as the moon wanes in Capricorn? (Use card 4 from the New Moon in Pisces Spread)

  2. What is your ambition?

  3. What hindering belief can be transformed/reframed?

  4. What do you really want but are afraid to go after?

  5. In what ways can you be more productive?

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