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Scorpio Waning Moon

The center of light and dark

A time to pause, reflect, and assess.

The moon is waning in Scorpio and stands in the center of light and dark asking us to pause, reflect, and assess.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Its energy is mysterious, emotional, and intense. It has a need for deep involvements and transformations.

Pluto rules Scorpio, representing our capacity to transform and renew ourselves in an emotional and spiritual rebirth. Together Scorpio and Pluto can influence us to investigate what is really going on.

Ask yourself:

Pull a tarot card, use your inner guidance, or work with one of the cards below for inspiration.

What do I know that I don't want to know?

XIII Death, La Santa Muerte, Tarot Card, The Dark Goddess Tarot, La Santa Muerte
Image by Ellen Lorenzi Prince

What are the tarot cards associated with Scorpio?


Death represents Scorpio in Tarot

Death is a card of transition suggesting release, change, and transformation. Occasionally Death is represented by a phoenix and its rebirth from its ashes re-presents conversion of energy instead of loss of energy. Death calls for release of old habits, patterns, and relationships.

The image XIII Death is from The Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi Prince. La Santa Muerte, the Mexican Goddess of Death says "Death is the destiny of life". She also asks for you to see the truth of the habits that get in the way of building a better life for yourself.

XX Liberation, Judgement, Tarot Card, Dark Goddess Tarot, Persephone
Image by Ellen Lorenzi Prince


Judgement represents Pluto the planetary ruler of Scorpio in tarot

Pluto the planet of transformation, death, and destruction teaches that endings are part of the cycle of rebirth and resurrection. Judgement is a call for decision making, compelling us to release what no longer fits.

The image is XX Liberation (Judgement) from The Dark Goddess Tarot. Persephone, Greek Goddess of Resurrection who says "the past is not forgotten, yet life begins anew." She reminds us that there are two worlds. The spiritual and the mundane, the real world and the other world. We walk them both so give each their due.

Hag of Water, Ran, The King of Cups, Fixed Earth
Image by Ellen Lorenzi Prince

The King of Cups

The King of Cups represents Fixed Water in Tarot as is the modality and element of Scorpio

Fixed Water is the embodiment of Scorpio. In tarot it shows up as being perceptive and analytical, smart and sensuous, while craving deep connection on an intellectual and emotional level. There is an understanding of the ebb and flow of time and cycles of transformation and rebirth.

The image is Hag of Water from The Dark Goddess Tarot. Ran is the Norse Goddess of the Drowned. She says "Surrender to the sea to find her secret places." She reminds us that deep in your soul, you know where you belong, and where you do not. If you do not act on this knowledge, do not expect relief from your difficulties.

Reflect and Assess

Consider what can be cut away to make room for rebirth.

Take a look at your notes and or intentions from the Capricorn Moonth is there anything that has to be cut away to help with the manifestation process? What does your tarot/ oracle card say to you now?

Intuition Play

Bring out your tarot or oracle deck or use your intuition to answer the following prompts:

Tarot Spread

  1. What do I let go of as the moon wanes in Scorpio?

  2. What habits, patterns, or relationships can be cut away?

  3. What step can you take today to start building a better life for yourself?

  4. What decision can you make to resurrect a forgotten dream

  5. What is at the center of your spiritual and mundane worlds?

Updated 02/12/23

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