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What's your 2023 tarot card?

Happy New Year! It is that time of year when the year ahead is full of hope and intentions. It is a blank slate and we have an opportunity to make plans for the year ahead.

For years now I have calculated my tarot year card. I came up with it when I learned about the Tarot Birth Card through the Tarot School. However, later I learned that Mary Greer wrote extensively about Tarot Year Cards in her book, Who Are You in the Tarot? Haha, great minds think alike?

Every year we are presented with blessings, challenges, and lessons. Knowing our Tarot Year Card helps us to focus on the wisdom that presents itself during the year. It helps us to be prepared.

Every year we are presented with blessings, challenges, and lessons. Going through it all turns into our wisdom.

What are Tarot Year Cards?

The idea behind Tarot Year Cards is that for each year of our life there is a corresponding tarot card. The tarot card comes from the Major Arcana and it represents a theme one will experience that particular year. I was so intrigued by this concept that I created a spreadsheet to find out my Tarot Year Card from birth (Tarot Birth Card) until my 100th year. This exercise revealed that we go through ten year cycles. The tarot cards come up in chronological order for ten years and then reset on the 11th year. For example let's look at 14 years in my own cycle. I chose 14 so you can see two years before the cycle starts and two years after the cycle ends.

14 year tarot year card cycle

How do I calculate my Tarot Year Card?

To calculate your tarot year card use a birthdate.

The month + day.

Example: August 20th

Numerically it is 08 + 20.

Then add 08 +20 to desired year.

I will use 2023. 08+20+2023=2051.

Reduce the sum to 22 or less.

2051 = 2+0+5+1 =8 = Strength.

Conviction, Patience, Persistence

Find your theme below.

Some Major Arcana cards will appear as your Tarot Year Card over and over, while others will never come up.

Some Major Arcana cards will appear as your Year Card Themes over and over, while others will never come up. For me, this means I work with the themes of Justice and The Hanged Man in every 10 year cycle of my life. While in 100 years I will not work with the themes of The High Priestess or Judgement. It just means that in this lifetime I already possess the energies of the High Priestess and Judgement. While the energies of Justice and The Hanged Man are the ones that will be a consistent work in progress for me.

Which tarot cards come up the most for you? Those themes are your strengths. Which ones don't show up at all? Those are your life lessons.

What are my Tarot Year Card Themes?

Add up your numbers and find your 2022 year theme below. Please note: there are no good or bad year cards. As you can see from the chart above 2021 was a Devil year. The themes are Bondage, Materialism, and Indulgence. I was aware of this throughout the year and it helped me to regulate myself so I remained balanced. Also, a little indulgence never hurt. Neither does bondage when it is of free will and to something that is practical, responsible, and deliberate.

Coming up in 2022, I've got a new cycle with The Chariot, whose themes include, direction, progress, and action. I'm excited to see how this will present itself this year.

Tarot Year Card Themes Infographic

1. The Magician

Confidence, Will , Manifestation

2. The High Priestess

Intuition, Receptivity, Wisdom

3. The Empress

Beauty, Abundance, Health

4. The Emperor

Order, Structure , Leadership

5. The Hierophant

Knowledge, Community, Teaching

6. The Lovers

Commitment, Partnerships, Love

7. The Chariot

Direction, Progress, Action

8. Strength

Conviction, Patience, Persistence

9. The Hermit

Solitude, Wisdom, Meditation

10. The Wheel of Fortune

Opportunities, Cycles, Luck

11. Justice

Truth, Balance, Discernment

12. The Hanged Man

Letting Go, Sacrifice, New Perspective

13. Death

Endings, Banishment, Liberation

14. Temperance

Consensus Harmony, Unity

15. The Devil

Bondage, Materialism, Indulgence

16. The Tower

Destruction, Reconstruction, Adjustment

17. The Star

Hope, Healing, Renewal

18. The Moon

Cycles, Light and Shadow, Dreams

19. The Sun

Happiness, Vitality, Success

20. Judgment

Rebirth, Spiritual Awakening, Forgiveness

21. The World

Fulfillment, Victory, Reward

22. The Fool

Adventure, New Beginnings, Optimism

What is the collective Tarot Card Theme for 2023?

The collective Tarot Card theme for 2023 is The Chariot.

Direction, Progress, Action

Collective tarot card year theme for 2023 is the Chariot. Rider Waite Smith Tarot Card.

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