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Celtic Cross Spread Spiral

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What do I need to know?


Do you have a question where only an intuitive answer will do? A Celtic Cross Spread taps into your intuition to get to the heart of the matter and find out what you need to know. It is best if you have a question but if you prefer general insight form the universe “What do I need to know now?” works too.


You will receive a one page PDF showing your Celtic Cross Spread and the interpretation.


Choose the deck that appeals to you and provide me with your question.

  • Celtic Cross Spread

    You will receive a Two page PDF via email showing your Celtic Cross Spread, the interpretation, and a blessing/affirmation.


    This is final sale.


    Receive via email within 3 days.

  • Instructions for a clear reading

    On the link below please tell me about your purpose for the reading? What do you want to discuss? Is there something in your life you would like clarity on? Is there something you would like some comfort around? 

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