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New Moon Workbook

New Moon Workbook


The New Moon Workbook is designed to inspire you to set intentions, create a framework to keep you focused and on the path to manifesting the life you want with the influence of the moon, tarot, and astrology.


Inside you will find:

  • 5 moon phase descriptions and how to use them in your life design
  • 12 zodiac sign descriptions and attributes
  • Journaling page to sent intentions
  • New Moon Tarot Spreads
  • Astrology and Tarot Wheel
  • Plus Much Much More
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New Moon Tarot and Astrology

Workbook Contents

Moon Attributes.png
Current Moon
Learn the attributes of the current new moon. The astrological house, planetary ruler, quality, symbol, glyph, things to do, plus more.
Journal insights, observations, or take notes throughout the New Moon Workbook to get you familiarized with moonth.
YesSpiral Moonth.png
Get a calendar view of when moon is new, waxing, full waning, and when the sun changes sign.
YesSpiral Moonthly Spread.png
7 Spiral
Tarot Spreads
Weekly tarot readings to get you accustomed to tarot. 7 tarot spreads included aligned with the energy of the moon phase. 
YesSpiral Sun and Moonpng
Tarot Cards of Astrological Time
Learn the six tarot cards associated with the astrological time.
Astrology and Moon Wheel Chart with Mountains in the Background
Plus much
much more
There is a zodiac sign reference sheet, a tarot and astrology wheel with 78 tarot cards, plus more...
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