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Libra New Moon Circle

Monday 10/04/21 @7pm ET on zoom

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The new moon (birth) is a powerful time to set intentions to curate the life you want while releasing that which no longer serves. The cosmos are our greatest influencers. In this Moonthly circle we will tap into the energies of Libra and use the moon as our guide and calendar to manifest personal intentions and desires. The moon is the closest celestial body to the Earth. It can be can easily spotted in the sky with your naked eyes. It's orbit around the Earth has it cycling from New to Full to Dark every month, all in about 29.5 days which I refer to as a Moonth. Observing and being aware of the continuous birth, peak, death, and rebirth of the moon on a moonthly basis invites an awareness to these cycles in our lives. This makes it easier to let go once a cycle has ended to make room for evolution. This workshop includes: 1. Learning characteristics of astrological new moon 2. Learning the 6 Tarot cards associated with the astrological time 3. Learning what the astrological rulerships 4. Setting intentions based on astrological time 5. Using tarot and/or oracle cards to create a framework 6. Thoughtfully sharing insights with the group (optional)

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