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Spiral into synchronicity with tools, practices, and inspiration to lead you to design the life you want. 

Tarot Readings

The tarot reflects what is happening in the present so you make empowered choices for the future

Tarot Readings

Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. Enter YesSpiral, an intuitive tarot reader. Tarot readings with YesSpiral are like taking a good look in a magic mirror that reveals concealed truths and fears about emotions, security, and hindering narratives. Taking a look at these often hidden aspects of our lives opens the door to manifesting dreams, achieving life goals, and taking that leap of faith to design the life you want. 

The Moonth

A monthly introspective ritual aligned with the phases of the moon

The Moonth 

Tap into the energy of the

new moon, tarot, and astrology

to connect with the wisdom of your inner guide to set intentions,

create goals, celebrate the good, release the out of date, and

manifest the life you want. 

New Moon Workbook


Self Development



Get in touch with your

feelings, creativity, values,

and intellect in relationship

to the cycles of the moon. 

A new moon workbook is

released every month. 

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