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Spiral Into Synchronicity

with tools, practices, and inspiration to lead you to design the life you want. 

Tarot Sessions

Schedule a tarot reading for clarity, direction, and validation.

The tarot reflects what is happening in the present so you make empowered choices for the future

  • On Zoom or on the Phone

The Moonth

Work with the cycles and phases of the moon to

get you focused on designing and living the life you want.

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The Blog

Blog Posts focused on tools, practices, and rituals for 

mindset change, personal development, and motivation.

YesSpiral Upcoming Events

New Moon Workshops | Full Moon Circles | Tarot Readings | Wisdom Wander

New Moon Tarot Workbooks

New Moon Journaling and Intention Setting Practice with Tarot

Work with the New Moon Intention Journal to set intentions and focus on designing the life you want to live. The influence of the moon phases and the zodiac signs will help you to stay well rounded by touching on all aspects of life in a systematic and disciplined way.

The zodiac signs each represent strengths, weaknesses, and different parts of our lives. When we work with the moon and the zodiac signs for a year we will touch on all aspects of life.

New Moon
Journaling Experience
150 pages

Expanded New Moon and Phases journaling Experience
235 pages

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