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The Moonth

What is a Moonth?

Align Your Life with Lunar Wisdom

A moonth is like a month, but with the moon built right in!


It's a natural 29.5-day cycle from one new moon to the next. Unlike our calendar months, which vary from 28 to 31 days and have no cosmic connection, moonths consistently follow the moon's rhythm.

Moonths offer a magical framework for setting intentions, nurturing personal growth, and connecting with nature's cycles. By tuning into moonths, you sync your goals and actions with lunar energy, potentially boosting your personal transformation.

Best of all, you can see the moon in the sky, serving as a cosmic reminder of where you are in the current cycle. It's a visible guide for your journey of self-discovery and growth.

The Moonth

The New Moon | The Lunar Month | 29.5 Day Cycle 

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New Moon Intention Journal

Work with the new moon over the course of one year or several years

Why New Moons?

They're the most potent times for setting intentions. Each month brings a unique zodiac influence, offering fresh perspectives on your journey.


  1.  Align your goals with lunar energy

  2. Track your personal growth through each moon cycle

  3. Nurture intentions from seed to manifestation

  4. Transform vague dreams into actionable SMART goals

The Power of Handwriting

Engage more brain regions, deepen connections, increase focus, improve retention, and process emotions more effectively.

The YesSpiral Method

  • Harness the New Moon's energy for powerful new beginnings

  • Use tarot to gain deeper insights into your intentions

  • Create a spiral of growth that builds on each lunar cycle

Lunar-Aligned Goal Setting: Set intentions and track progress in harmony with moon cycles.

Lunar-Aligned Goal Setting: Set intentions and track progress in harmony with moon cycles.

Handwritten Reflection: Dedicated space for writing to deepen your connection with your goals

Versatile Formats: Choose from four different editions to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Personal Growth Focus: Tools and prompts designed to foster self-discovery and transformation.

Upcoming Moon Circles

Community | Reflection | Ritual | Sharing

2024 Moonthly Calendar

Think of the months as moonths to get in synch
with the phases and cycles of the moon.

2024 Moonth Calendar
2024 Moonth Calendar Spreadsheet data

One year
Two Solstices & Equinoxes
Four seasons
Twelve moonths

2024 begins on Jan 11th
Ends on Dec 30th

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