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The Moonth

The New Moon | The Lunar Month | 29.5 Day Cycle 

Attract abundance, feel clarity and confidence by making a commitment to yourself.

The new moon acts as a reminder to work on yourself. 
It is your celestial accountability partner. 

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The Benefits of Working

with the Moon

Being in touch with the waxing and waning moon helps you to acknowlege and overcome limiting beliefs and narratives. 

Self improvement becomes a necessary part of how you live your life.

You focus on all the thins that make your life great and take action to change the things that don't. 

You have more time for things you love to do as you prioritize yourself. 

You trust your instincts and intellect to the point where you have clarity on what is best for you.

Get Started Today 

New Moon Workshop and New Moon Workbook

Tap into the energy of the new moon, use Tarot as a framework to manifest your intentions,

 and cultivate a trusting relationship with your intuition, and releasing

what hinders your growth and success. 

The New Moon, Tarot, & Astrology workbook is designed to tap 

into the initiating energy of the new moon.


Every new moon cycle covers a different aspect of life and over the course of the zodiac year you will touch on  Connect with your inner guide
to set intentions,  create goals, and manifest desires. 

Workbook Contents

  • Current Moon Attributes

  • Moonth  At-A-Glance

  • Tarot Cards Review

  • Journaling Pages

  • Tarot Spreads

  • Plus more 

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