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New Moon Tarot Workbooks

New Moon Journaling and Intention Setting Practice with Tarot

Work on every aspect of your life and self with the cycles and phases of the moon.

The New Moon Intention Journal is a way for you to have a structured focus guide. Every moonth you set intentions around a different life area. Those intentions turn into accomplished goals. The attention to direct towards this exercise is where the magic happens. It is how you manifest the life you want. Inside you will use the wisdom of astrology. Tap into your intuition with and tarot. And journal for introspection and personal development. 

Simple Version
New Moon
150 pages

New Moon Intention Journal.png

Expanded Version
Extra journaling sections and exercises
235 pages

2024 Moonthly Calendar

Think of the months as moonths to get in synch
with the phases and cycles of the moon.

2024 Moonth Calendar
2024 Moonth Calendar Spreadsheet data

One year
Two Solstices & Equinoxes
Four seasons
Twelve moonths

2024 begins on Jan 11th
Ends on Dec 30th

2024 Tarot Card Theme

YesSpiral  Astrology & Tarot Wheel

YesSpiral Astrology & Tarot Wheel:

  • The solstices and equinoxes.

  • The four seasons

  • 78 tarot cards

  • 12 zodiac signs 

  • The planets

  • The elements

  • The modalities

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