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I'm YesSpiral

Discover how YesSpiral blends mystical practices with professional expertise to guide others toward balance, courage, and self-understanding.

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YesSpiral path 

Embrace opportunities and create positive change through the wisdom of lunar cycles,
astrology, and tarot, leading you on an upward spiral of personal and spiritual growth.

Everyone can shape their future through mindful decisions, intentional actions, a positive mindset, and focused effort.

Welcome to YesSpiral


Discover the power of the moon as your cosmic guide with YesSpiral. Our philosophy uses the lunar cycle, astrology, and tarot to unveil hidden truths, guiding you to manifest your dreams and achieve life goals. Embrace the wisdom of the cosmos to co-create your future through mindful decisions, actions, mindset, and focus.


Holistic and Personalized Guidance

At YesSpiral, we blend expertise in lunar cycles, astrology, and tarot to offer holistic and customized guidance tailored to your needs. Our diverse life experiences, including working in major global banks, provide a unique perspective on interpreting cosmic and tarot insights. Each session is designed to bring awareness to what is hidden and to point you in the direction of manifesting your dreams and achieving your life goals.

Your Journey to Synchronicity

Say yes to life's opportunities and spiral into positive change. The "yes" in YesSpiral represents embracing the opportunities life presents. The "spiral" signifies the positive transformation that occurs when simple, positive changes are implemented, creating an upward spiral of synchronicity. Our mission is to lead you on this upward spiral journey, nourishing, rejuvenating, and inspiring you.

Copy of  YesSpiral Moon Phase .jpg

About Me.

YesSpiral is a student of life and has taken immersions into tarot, yoga, reiki, herbalism, shamanism, and astrology. With a communications degree, investment licenses, and project management certification, they blend spiritual and professional worlds seamlessly.


They believe all life experiences offer wisdom, guiding us to become more compassionate, patient, and courageous. YesSpiral advocates for self-understanding, honest relationships, and conquering fears, aiming to foster balance in all aspects of life.


You can find them in Manhattan, journaling, doing tarot readings, creating workbooks, presentations, facilitating moon circles, making herbal crafts, art projects, and hiking in nature and in the city.

YesSpiral Services

holistic guidance through lunar cycles, astrology, and tarot, empowering personal growth
with new moon circles, comprehensive workbooks, and personalized readings.

New Moon Circles:

Join our new moon circles to connect with like-minded individuals and harness the energy of the moon for personal growth.

New Moon, Tarot, and Astrology Workbooks & Journals & Resources:

Explore our workbooks designed to help you delve deeper into your personal and spiritual development.

​Personalized Tarot Readings:

Integrate tarot with lunar and astrological guidance for a comprehensive and personalized reading.

​Lunar and Astrological Guidance: Utilize the moon phases and astrological insights to navigate your personal and spiritual growth.

YesSpiral Community & Newsletter

Insights on the moon, tarot, astrology, and other spiritual guidance.

Copy of  YesSpiral Moon Phase .jpg

Spiral Into Synchronicity

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