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Sagittarius Full Moon

The Full Moon is the climax of the new moon cycle. The moon is at its brightest and shines light on the parts we keep hidden. Sagittarius invites you to celebrate your values and your sense of adventure.

Sagittarius Full Moon, sagittarius glyph and constellation, the archer,  balance responsibility and adventure

What about Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is the sign of going on a quest for truth, optimism, and connection to nature. It is about being creative, adventurous, and ethical. In tarot, Temperance represents Sagittarius. Temperance symbolizes the blending of elements to bring out a new way of seeing and doing things.

The Moon in Sagittarius

When the moon is in Sagittarius the mood is honest, frank, spontaneous, and optimistic. Break up your daily routine with a yoga stretch. Talk to someone with a different perspective. Share a controversial topic on social media to spark conversation. Explore the joys and responsibilities of free speech.

The Sagittarius Full Moon

This new moon cycle started off in Taurus. Its focus was on money, values, and security. At the Virgo waxing moon the focus changed to work and responsibility. Now that the full moon is in Sagittarius our focus turns to adventure, optimism, and ethics.

What does adventure mean to you? I like to think of it as trying new things either with travel and in my everyday mundane life. Most recently I got the opportunity to take on a leadership role. While this is not something I'm fully "ready" for I'm going to jump right in! I'm optimistic that I got the opportunity because I'm ready. I also know that my value system will help me as I make decisions.

The Sagittarius full moon invites you to celebrate your sense of adventure and optimism. The tools of the time are inspiration and passion.

Review Your Sagittarius New Moon Intentions

The Sagittarius New Moon was on November 23rd 2022

Books and notes to review intentions set at Scorpio New moon.
Review Your Scorpio New Moon Intentions

Did you set intentions at the Sagittarius new moon back in November 2022?

If you didn't, think about what you were up to in the end of November. If you can't remember (that was six months ago!) go into your calendar or do a search on your phone to see the pictures you took around that time to jog your memory.

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If you did, go to your notes and review your intentions, goals, or wishes. Have any of them come to fruition? Yes? Great! You are focused on what you want.

No? do you still want to work on that? Is it aligned with what you want now? If not, let it go, throw it into the fire. Walking away from things is totally okay. It is one way of getting clear about what we want in our lives.

If yes, take a moment to breathe in some fresh energy to your power center and call on the initiating and assertive energy of Aries. Imagine how manifesting those intentions will make you feel. If it feels good, continue working on it. If you feel discomfort then go back and re-word your intention or scrap it.

Sagittarius Waxing Moon Spread

Revisit your Taurus New Moon Spread and review the intentions you made at the new moon, pick out card number 3 place it in the center as card number one. Shuffle your deck and ask...

yesspiral new moon tarot spread

  1. What peaks as the moon becomes full in Sagittarius? (use card number 3 from Taurus new moon spread)

  2. What are you grateful for?

  3. What can you do to feel more optimistic?

  4. What sparks your creativity?

  5. What do you forgive yourself for?

Full Moon Ritual

Charge your Spiritual Tools

The light of the Full Moon amplifies everything with the energy of manifestation.

  • Take out your crystals, rosaries, tarot, and oracle decks (etc) and cleanse them with the scared smoke of sage, cedar, copal or whatever is native to where you live. The important thing is to cleanse with the intention of clearing and neutralizing energies from the tools.

  • To charge your spiritual tools take them outside where they can get the energy of the moon (a window sill will also do).

  • For each spiritual tool state your intention and add something like "I invite the light and manifestation power of this Full Moon to bless and amplify this spiritual tool so it may serve its highest good. Blessed be."

  • In the morning offer a prayer of gratitude to the moon and your spiritual tools for its potent new energies.

Taurus Moonth Cycle Review:

We are now in at the Sagittarius Full Moon.

  1. New Moon in Taurus: Set intentions about values, money, security, and self worth.

  2. Waxing Moon in Virgo: Nurture your intentions by getting determined and organized about the life you want.

  3. Full Moon in Sagittarius: Celebrate your progress by being adventurous and optimistic.

  4. Waning Moon Pisces: Release resistance to imagining a better life for yourself and trusting in your inner knowing.

  5. Next New Moon in Gemini: Develop your social and communication skills.

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Updated 2023

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