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Strategic Planning with the Moon Through the Astrological Houses

Cosmic Timing: Aligning Your Plans with the Moon's Magic

YesSpiral uses Strategic Planning with the moon to assist you in designing your future t

Astrology offers a unique approach to planning various aspects of our lives. By using the moon's transit through the astrological houses, you can strategically plan activities for optimal outcomes. This guide will walk you through this method step-by-step. Also, I have included a free download so you can get started on this exercise today. This exercise is excerpted from the YesSpiral New Moon Intention Journals.

The Moon as a Cosmic Calendar

The moon is like a big cosmic calendar. Its phases help you keep track of the passage of time. A moon cycle, which I like to call a "moonth" cycle, lasts 29 1/2 days. This cycle includes the new moon phase, waxing first quarter, full moon, and waning third quarter phases, culminating in the dark moon before starting anew.

During these 29 1/2 days, the moon transits through all twelve zodiac signs. This provides an opportunity to optimize your time each moonth by working with the specific energies highlighted at any given time. Additionally, the moon starts a new cycle in a different zodiac sign every moonth. You can incorporate this understanding into your strategic planning to align your activities with the lunar energies.

Understanding the Astrological Houses

The astrological houses each represent different areas of life. By understanding what each house governs, you can align your activities with the moon's transit to maximize success. Here’s a brief overview of what each house signifies:

  1. First House: Self-awareness, leadership, drive, initiative, appearance, individuality, persona, new beginnings.

  2. Second House: Finances, personal resources, values, traditions, money, earning, spending, possessions.

  3. Third House: Learning, information, the internet, communication, siblings, neighbors, acquaintances, short trips, transportation.

  4. Fourth House: Home, family, foundation, mothering, ancestry, nurturing, personal history, cultural inheritances.

  5. Fifth House: Entertainment, play, romance, self-expression, creativity, children, love affairs, creative projects.

  6. Sixth House: Service, health, self-discipline, routines, work, hygiene, chores, caretaking, pets, details, responsibility.

  7. Seventh House: Marriage, allies, open enemies, business partnerships, alliances, close relationships, lawsuits, conflicts, contracts.

  8. Eighth House: Sex, intimate relationships, death, transformation, rebirth, inheritance, taxes, mortgages, insurance policies.

  9. Ninth House: Higher education, long-distance travel, expansion, spirituality, religion, philosophy, truth, freedom, ethics, ideals.

  10. Tenth House: Occupation, career, ambitions, recognition, authority figures, parents, teachers, governments, wisdom, experience.

  11. Eleventh House: Friendship, community, groups, organizations, ideals, wishes, hopes, the future, strategies, social causes, society.

  12. Twelfth House: Devotion, spiritual values, karma, unfinished business, restrictions, introspection, end of cycles, integration.

How to use the  Astrology Wheel for Strategic Planning

Using the Astrology Wheel for Strategic Planning

The astrology wheel can be an effective tool for strategic planning. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Identify Your Rising Sign: This is the sign ascending on the eastern horizon at your birth time. If unknown, use your Sun sign. You can also go to a

  2. Create Your Wheel - Use worksheets linked below:

    1. Place your Rising/Sun sign in the First House.

  3. Fill in the rest following zodiac order.

    1. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

  4. Example: If Gemini is your Rising sign:

    • First House: Gemini

    • Second House: Cancer

    • Third House: Leo (Continue until all houses are filled) 12th House Taurus

  5. Plan with Moon Transits: As the moon moves through these houses, align your activities accordingly:

    1. Moon in Fourth House: Ideal for family time

    2. Moon in Tenth House: Good for career moves

The YesSpiral New Moon Intentions & Goals Journal helps you to set future goals on every aspect of life.

Combining Moon Transit with House Energy

Let's say Gemini is your Rising sign and there's a New Moon in Aries. This would fall in your Eleventh House. Focus areas could include:

  • Joining new groups or organizations

  • Setting future goals

  • Networking and expanding your social circle

Planning Steps:

  1. Note the date of the Aries New Moon

  2. For the next 2-3 days, prioritize Eleventh House activities

  3. Set intentions related to friendships, community involvement, or long-term aspirations

Enhance effectiveness of your actions

By aligning your activities with the moon's transit through your personal astrological houses, you can potentially enhance the effectiveness of your actions. Remember, this is a tool for guidance, not a strict rulebook. Combine it with your intuition and practical considerations for best results.

Free Gift to you! Down the Strategic Planner now to transform your life with astrology.

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