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Vision Board

2024 design your life road
Envision your future as a destination

How is your year going? Have you made resolutions or goals? Most people do and then forget it about them. This year I'm working with visual resolutions on a vision board.

What is a Vision Board?

A collection of images, words, and phrases that represent the actions you want to take, the person you want to be, and the things you want to have in your life. It serves as a daily reminder of your heart's desires.
Adventure, Travel, Love, Joy, Family, Money, Cruise Ship, Chanel Bag
2013 Vision Board

I made my first vision board around 2013. I cut pictures and words out of magazines and glued them to a piece of cardboard. It was fun to make and my goal was to make it look nice with things I liked and wanted (Chanel bag I'm still waiting). One of things I put on the first vision board was a cruise ship and I unexpectedly ended up on a mediterranean cruise later that year. It wasn't until about year after the cruise that vision board resurfaced from its hiding place and I was startled to see the cruise ship in the center of the board. Realizing wow, this really works.

Journaling, Downward Dog, Purpose and Passion, Couple, Happy
2015 Vision Board

The second attempt at making a vision board in 2015 was a little more focused. I wanted to tap into my purpose and passions and get my finances in order. I included a picture of someone in downward dog position with a caption "Affirm your life's purpose in downward facing dog." In 2016, on a whim, signed up for Rina Jakubowicz Yoga, Life, and Happiness weekend course at Kripalu and one of the techniques she used was affirmations during yoga. I ended that year with a Yoga Teacher 100 hour Certification. I didn’t even know Yoga could be combined with affirmations.

Six years since I made my last vision board and I felt drawn to make another. This time the universe was driving me to make one. A friend mentioned she was making one for the new year sparking my interest, then my daughter said she was going to make a vision board, and finally life coach and tarot reader Dina Berrin hosted a class about creating a clear and empowering vision for one's life. She talked us through the 8 life zones which are very similar to the 8 pillars of wellness I wrote about last month. She also guided us to think about how we want to feel in the future. I think visioning what one will look like in the future is very powerful. I see myself living authentically and with integrity. I also see myself as an entrepreneur, playing it big, designing my future, very versatile, and setting goals.

2021 Vision Board, Authentic, Manifest, Butterfly, Red Woods
2021 Vision Board

Above is the vision board I started last week and while it is beautiful (tooting my own horn) and it has intention behind it I'm realizing that if I really want to manifest, nuture the talent within, set goals, etc I have to do more than just see the words on the board.

The next step in making what I put into my vision board into a reality is actually setting SMART Goals for all the words and phrases. Otherwise I will only manifest one or two things on the board instead of all the things. And I want all the things! It is important to get clear otherwise what comes through will be clouded. So, now my vision board is somewhat complete and the journaling and envisioning is what comes next. I suspect it will be be a work in progress. Perhaps I will make another next year, time will tell.

So... you want to make your own vision board? I suggest you set aside a 3-5 hours. Get a a couple of friends to join you. Put on some joyful music and have lots of fun.

Materials you will need:

  • Poster board

  • Glue stick

  • Pens and Markers

  • Magazines

  • Printouts from internet

  • Scissors

  • Intention

  • Goals

  • Vision

Check out this blog post about how to make a vision board in detail. Let me know if you've made a vision board. Did you manifest what you put on it?

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