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Spiral Into Synchronicity

YesSpiral Tarot Reading

The Tarot reveals your concealed truths, hidden dreams, and desires. 

Everyone can co-create their future via their
decisions, actions, mindset, and focus.

The YesSpiral philosophy consists of using the tarot as a tool to bring awareness to what is hidden in the shadows of the unconscious. The tarot reveals your hidden truths, dreams, and desires.


The tarot points you in the direction of manifesting dreams, achieving life goals, and taking that required leap of faith to design the life you want. 

YesSpiral is a student of life and has taken immersions into tarot, yoga, reiki, herbalism, shamanism, and astrology. Throughout their mystical immersions they have remained grounded while employed by major global banks working with investments. All life experiences color the YesSpiral way of seeing the world and how the tarot is interpreted.


The tarot reading style is holistic and all tarot readings are customized according to client needs. 

YesSpiral path 

Say Yes to what Life presents you and Spiral into Synchronicity 

The yes in YesSpiral is about saying yes to the opportunities life presents you with. The spiral in YesSpiral is what happens to a life when simple positive changes are implemented that encourages a positive life experience filled with synchronicity.  This is known as an upward spiral.

The YesSpiral ultimate goal is to lead you on your own Yes Upward Spiral journey to lead you on a quest for what nourishes, rejuvenates, and inspires you! 


YesSpiral offers writings and musings, tarot readings, new moon circles, and New Moon, Tarot and Astrology Workbooks, to help you help yourself.  You are the hero of your life.

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