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Astrology and Tarot Wheel Part 1

YesSpiral Astrology and Tarot Wheel, includes 78 tarot cards, 12 zodiac signs, 10 planets, four elements, three modalities.

I am one of those people that loves when things are organized and in order. I especially love charts, spreadsheets, and most recently Kanban boards. When I started to learn Astrology and Tarot together I created a spreadsheet to make sense of it along with the first iteration of what I'm referring to as the YesSpiral Astrology and Tarot Wheel, you can read about that here. Over time I have packed the wheel with six layers information.

I suspect just looking at the wheel above can cause a bit of panic or make you want to take out your magnifying glass or just stop reading right here. However, this blog post is intended to acquaint with the YesSpiral Tarot and Astrology Wheel. Once you get to know it, you will think it is easy to use.

I like to print one out and chart where the tarot cards from my readings fall for additional information, to find patterns, and sometimes even for timing. I include a wheel in each of the The New Moon, Tarot, and Astrology Workbooks. I use it to chart the moon's whereabouts on the wheel as it transits the zodiac and changes phases every new moon cycle.

The complete YesSpiral Astrology and Tarot Wheel pictured above charts the Solstices and Equinoxes, the four seasons, 78 tarot cards, 12 zodiac signs, 10 planets, four elements, and three modalities.

I'll break it down below so you can get to know its six layers one layer at a time in three parts. This way the information is easier to comprehend and retain. In this post I'll go over layer 1, The 12 zodiac signs and layer 2, Astrology Elements and their Tarot correspondents.

In part 2 I'll go over layer 3, Decans and Planetary Sub-rulers and layer 4, Major Arcana Cards: Zodiac Signs and Planetary Rulers. In part 3 I'll review layer 5, Planetary Rulers and lastly layer 6, The Seasons, Aces, and Pages.

The 12 Zodiac Signs

Astrology wheel, 12 zodiac signs, glyphs, elements, & modalities
Astrology and Tarot Wheel layer 1

The first layer in the Astrology and Tarot Wheel, has the 12 houses, 12 zodiac signs, and the corresponding glyphs. It also, lists the element and the modality for each house.

The elements, are Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. The elements repeat three times around the Wheel. The modalities are Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable and they repeat four times around the wheel.

More on the elements and modalities in the second layer. For now, let me introduce to the twelve signs of the zodiac and their corresponding houses.

  1. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the leader of the pack. Its energy is decisive, initiatory, and assertive. Aries corresponds to the first house of the self, physical appearance and individuality.

  2. Taurus is calm, measured, and persistent. The energy is reserved, grounded, and resistant to change. Taurus corresponds to the second house of finances, possessions, and personal resources.

  3. Gemini is light, playful, and easily bored. The energy is curious with a passion about learning and making social connections. Gemini corresponds to the third house of

  4. Cancer is subtle, sensitive, nurturing. The energy is tenacious, intuitive, and empathetic. Cancer corresponds to the fourth house of family, home, traditions, and roots.

  5. Leo is charismatic, bold, bright, and fun. The energy is extroverted, courageous, visionary and generous. Leo corresponds to the fifth house of creative self-expression, romance, children, and entertainment.

  6. Virgo is efficient, practical, and acts with discrimination. The energy is focused, productive, organized, and clean. Virgo corresponds to the sixth house of day to day work, care of the body, self-discipline, and analytical introspection.

  7. Libra is balanced, outgoing, sociable, and diplomatic. The energy is harmonious, tactful, elegant and objective. Libra corresponds to the seventh house of romantic and business partnerships, small group relationships, and legal contracts.

  8. Scorpio is complex, intense and concerned with transformation. The energy is resilient, passionate, investigative and deeply intuitive. Scorpio corresponds to the eight house of intense unions, sex, transformation, death and rebirth.

  9. Sagittarius is optimistic, forward looking, and philosophical. The energy is sociable, restless, and adventurous. Sagittarius corresponds to the ninth house expansion and awareness, spiritual tendencies, ethics and morals.

  10. Capricorn is focused and hardworking for professional success. The energy is self-reliant, responsible, and pragmatic. Capricorn corresponds to the tenth house of career and public life, authority figures, and achievements.

  11. Aquarius is independent and social. The energy is humanitarian, idealistic, and unconventional. Aquarius corresponds to the eleventh house of group involvements, clubs, organizations, hopes and aspirations.

  12. Pisces closes out the zodiac as the last sign. It is artistic, imaginative, and intuitive. The energy is enchanting, artistic, and compassionate. Pisces corresponds to the the twelfth house of karma, unfinished business, inner peace and introspection.

Astrology Elements and their Tarot correspondents

12 astrology signs and glyphs. Four modalities and corresponding tarot suit and decans.
Astrology and Tarot Wheel layer 2

The Second layer in the Astrology and Tarot Wheel includes the tarot elemental correspondences along with the corresponding minor arcana cards represented by numbers 2 - 10 and the tarot suit.

The Four Elements

  • Fire corresponds with Wands and has to do with inspiration, taking action, creativity, identity, and personal will - color coded in Red - Aries | Leo | Sagittarius

  • Earth corresponds with Pentacles and has to do with values, practicality, manifestation, stability, material possessions, money, and the physical body - color coded in Green - Taurus | Virgo | Capricorn

  • Air corresponds with Swords and has to do with words, thoughts, intellect, communication, and logic - color coded in Purple - Gemini | Libra | Aquarius

  • Water corresponds with Cups and has to do with emotions, feelings, imagination, spirituality, healing, mysticism - color coded in Blue - Cancer | Scorpio | Pisces

Minor Arcana Cards and Modality

The second layer also includes the minor arcana cards associated with each modality. The modalities are connected to the seasons.

The Three Modalities

  • Cardinal represents the initiation process into a new season. The energy is active, quick, ambitious, and enthusiastic. It corresponds with minor arcana cards 2, 3, 4 and zodiac signs: Aries | Cancer | Libra | Capricorn

  • Fixed represents the stabilizing energy of the season. The energy is steady, persistent, stable, determined, and self-reliant. It corresponds with minor arcana cards 5, 6, 7 and zodiac signs: Taurus | Leo | Scorpio | Aquarius

  • Mutable represents the adaptable energy of the season when one converts to the next. The energy is flexible, changeable, versatile, resourceful, and go with the flow. It corresponds with minor arcana cards 8, 9, 10 and zodiac signs: Gemini | Virgo | Sagittarius | Pisces

Do you know what is your Sun sign? Moon Sign? Ascendent? If not, its easy, all you need is your date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth and click here to find out.

Next up, in part 2 I'll go over layer 3, Decans and Planetary Sub-rulers and layer 4, Major Arcana Cards: Zodiac Signs and Planetary Rulers.

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