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Design Your Life with The Moon, Tarot and Astrology

The Spring season officially started on March 20th along with the start of the astrological new year when the Sun entered Aries. The sun is now shining brighter, hotter, and longer each day. The cold air is turning warm, the daffodils have started blooming, and soon the trees will begin budding with flowers and leaves.

YesSpiral imagines moonthly circles wearing larimar pendant, moon phase shirt with a silk scarf and wool sweater. Sitting at John V Lindsay park in LES, NYC.
Imagining Moonthly Circles at the cusp of Spring 2020

Spring cleaning is always at the forefront of my mind during this time of year. But what if, instead of cleaning my home, I spent a year on a life cleaning journey? What do I keep? Discard? What routines would I implement?

Many people devote themselves to their families, religion, work, sports, friends, etc but how about devoting oneself to living their best life? Can you imagine what that looks like? What does it cover? How does it make you feel? What things will grab your attention?

For about a decade I've devoted myself to all different kinds of practices to determine which one will lead me to live my best life. What I've found is that I'm a complex individual and there isn't a specific "thing" that completes me. I've got too much going on: home, family, friends, career, passion projects, creativity, rest & relaxation; the list goes on and on. How then, can one practice cover it all? Simply put, It can't. Which is why I love to mix and match things.

I'm a devotee of combining practices, ideas, philosophies to create something new, comprehensive, and authentic to me.

The Moon, Tarot, Astrology, and Herbalism Books

At this point I'm combining Tarot, the Moon, and Astrology; with a little herbalism thrown in here and there. I started with Tarot and that lead me to the Moon which incorporates Astrology. Together, this trifecta of tools create a magical practice where one desires to live authentically.

Living authentically means practicing being in tune with your thoughts, physical body, feelings & emotions, and what drives and motivates you.

Living authentically also means having a willingness to initiate the life you want. Persevere, listen to your gut, and release those things that no longer align with your new way of being. If this is broken down from an Astrological perspective it covers the energies of Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. In addition to, Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable energies.

I want you to join me in YesSpiral Moonthly Circles because it gets results, because it forces you to analyze what works, and because you are free (and encouraged) to let go of anything hindering and unnecessary.

The side effects of focusing on designing your life is that you will sleep better, reduce stress & anxiety, and create an upward spiral that will lead you to love your life as it is.

The image below shows the four seasons, twelve months, twelve signs with their rulerships. I added the Tarot Aces which correspond to the seasons. This is part of what will be covered in YesSpiral's Moonthly Circles and Workbooks.

A year with Moonthly Circles will leave you with a deep rooted knowledge and foundation of:

  • The 12 zodiac signs & their rulerships

  • The 9 planets in our solar system, the moon & their influence on us

  • The 4 elements & 3 modalities

  • The 78 tarot cards & where they sit on the astrological wheel

  • A personal reflective & development routine to design the life you want.

The aces and pages of tarot, the 12 zodiac signs, their symbols, and  rulerships.
One Year, Four Seasons, 12 Months, 78 Tarot cards

The new cycle of this offering starts this Spring (the start of the astrological new year) It taps into Aries' initiatory (cardinal) new beginnings energy, grounding it with the perseverance (fixed) spirit of Taurus, and rounding it out with the adaptable (mutable) logical power of Gemini. The initiatory, grounding, and adaptable cycle begins anew in the Summer, Autumn, and Winter Seasons.

Check out The Moonth tab to get dates for the up coming circles, details about the energies of the 12 signs, and the different ways to join. I've created packages to give you an in-depth guided experience but you're the one who will choose how to design your life by taking the first step.

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