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New Moon in Aries

The Sun and Moon are together again in the sign of Aries. When the sun and moon are together in a sign (conjunct) it means the moon is starting a new cycle and that happens tonight at 10:31 pm ET.

The spring equinox kicked off the astrological new year when the sun went into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and tonight is the first new moon of the new astrological year. It is a powerful time to set intentions and to take on a leadership role in your life.

Each NEW MOON offers an opportunity for us to plant seeds of intentions that we can nurture and grow each new moon cycle.

When the moon is in Aries there is a collective need to be independent and develop our authenticity by taking courageous action towards our goals and intentions. We feel an urgency to focus, initiate, and set boundaries.

Aries is a fire sign which corresponds to creativity, identity, actions, and personal will. Aries embodies fire energy in the form of a shooting star. Have you ever seen a shooting star? The first time I saw one I felt inspired and energized. I was in awe. Tapping into Aries energy is like that. It brings out our inner leader to assertively take responsibility and actively design the life we want.

Aries Tarot Cards

Aries Tarot Card

Aries energy is personified by the Emperor in tarot. When in an upward spiral he is fearless, confident, courageous, and a visionary leader. He has the ability to create order and take action. The Emperor rules with logic and reason and may lead him to to cone across as willful, stubborn, and inflexible.

The Planet Mars rules Aries

Mars the warrior planet of aggression, assertiveness, and self-dense rules over Aries. He is associated with confidence and power. In the tarot, Mars is represented by The Tower symbolizing dramatic change, destruction, enlightenment, inspiration, and release.

Aries Rules Over:

  • New Beginnings: Initiating, Taking Action, Innovative Approach