• Yez

New Moon in Libra

The moon starts her new cycle today in Libra at 3:31pm.

Moonth in Libra Circle is at 7pm

The New Moon energy is potent October 16th 3:31pm - 18th

Each NEW MOON offers an opportunity to take charge of our lives by harnessing the potent power in the atmosphere to solidify our intentions/wishes. 

Get your tarot/oracle cards and journal ready

I suggest you get use a specific journal for your moonthly intentions and tarot spreads.

This makes it easier for you to refer to in the future.

Here are some details about Libra energy

Key Phrase:

My need to cooperate with others and

to create beauty, balance, and harmony.

Sun in Libra Dates:

September 23rd - October 22nd

Libra Moonth Dates:

October 16th - November 14th



Planetary Ruler:


symbolizes beauty, leisure, and

how cash is spent




Mental and Social

Initiating Action


I Relate, I Balance

Astrological House:


Partnerships: romantic ,business, and close friends.

How you approach and care in relationships.

Lawsuits, legal issues, conflicts, contracts.

Skillful Application: