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New Moon in Pisces

The moon started her new cycle in Pisces today at 5:21 am ET. The time of the new moon is when the Sun and Moon meet at the same sign and ask us to take initiating actions such as planting seeds of intention.

Each NEW MOON offers an opportunity to take charge of our lives by tapping into the potent power in the cosmos to solidify our intentions, goals, and wishes. 

When the New Moon is in Pisces there is a collective need to commit oneself to a dream or ideal and work towards it realization. Pisces is a water sign which corresponds to emotions, feelings, and intuition. The water image for Pisces is the ocean and I like to think of the iceberg model where 10% of the iceberg (the tip) floats above water and 90% is hidden beneath the surface like our feelings, emotions, and intuition.

Pisces Tarot Cards

Gaian Tarot, The Moon, Tarot, Major Arcana
Image by Joanna Powell Colbert

The Moon card represents Pisces in Tarot. The most mystical sign of the zodiac. It is comfortable in the deep waters of intuition and spiritual transformation. It is changeable and reveals itself in bits and pieces and can also hide the darker side of its nature.

In the Gaian Tarot, The Moon card says "I am in harmony with the waxing and waning of my emotions and intuition" The moon phases in the image represent the moonthly cycle of decent and return aka waxing and waning or ebbing and flowing.

Gaian Tarot, The Hanged Man, The Tree, Tarot, Major Arcana
Image by Joanna Powell Colbert

Neptune the planet of spiritual and inner psychology is the ruler of Pisces and in Tarot is assigned the Hanged Man Card. Both Neptune and the Hanged Man are associated with surrender and letting go to bring out a change in perspective.

In the Gaian tarot, The Hanged Man is known as The Tree says "I find serenity in surrendering to the great mystery" (or God, or the Universe, or which ever word resonates with you). The leaves in the image represent old ideas, beliefs, memories, and teachings that have outlive their usefulness

Pisces Rules Over:

  • Imagination

  • Internal Happiness

  • Emotions

  • Spiritual Awareness

  • Inner Peace