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New Moon in Virgo

Green circle with Virgo Constellation and Virgo Astrology Glyph

The New Moon is initiating a cycle in Virgo on Monday, September 6th a

8:52pm ET. The new moon is a time of new beginnings and initiations. This means it is an ideal time to set intentions aligned with Virgo rulerships including work, critical thinking, and physical health. More on Virgo rulerships below.

Virgo is mutable and that means change. When a sign is mutable it signifies it is the last month of the season and that change is coming. In this case we are at the end of Summer and Autumn will be here at the start of the Libra season in about two weeks on September 22nd. I have already noticed one of the first signs of autumn, brown leaves on the ground. Have you taken noticed of any signs of Autumn in your neighborhood?

Virgo is the sign of work, duty, and responsibility to self and others. When we are under the influence of Virgo there is a need to analyze our thoughts, feelings, and actions so that we can function better. One way we can do this is by setting up routines for exercise, eating healthy foods, and having organized spaces.

Virgo Major Arcana Tarot Cards

In Tarot, Virgo is represented by the Hermit who represents wisdom, introspection, meditation, and leadership by example.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, represented by The Magician who serves as a link between ideas and their physical existence.

The Virgo New Moon Tarot and Astrology workbook dives into all six tarot cards associated with Virgo.

Virgo Rulerships

Every sign holds dominion over different areas of life and when the new moon starts a cycle in Virgo the rulerships below are activated and any intentions set related to these areas have extra potency to manifest in reality. Make a list of up to ten intentions, wishes, or goals. The energy of the new moon is most potent up to 72 hours after the new moon which is happening on Monday, September 6th at 8:52pm ET, so set an alarm, take out your pen and paper, and set your intentions.

  • Health: Diet, Exercise, Healing, Good Health Habits, Weight Control

  • Work: Jobs, Work Projects, Routines, Errands, Co-workers

  • Organization: Orderly Spaces, Detailed Oriented, Efficiency & Planning, Paperwork, Punctuality

  • Analysis: Critical Thinking, Focus, Discernment

  • Service: Willingness to Adapt, Practical Helpfulness, Conscientiousness

  • Perfectionism: Worry, Criticism, Blame and Judgement, Workaholic tendencies

  • Health: Bowels and Intestines, Digestion, Solar Plexus

Virgo Tarot Spread

Every New Moon I shuffle my tarot deck, pull a card for each of the questions below, and jot down my first impressions upon seeing the cards. The tarot spread provides insight into what is currently growing, at fruition, and asking to be released in my life. In addition, it provides a framework for which to nourish the things I want and to reflect so I may make adjustments in my personal life journey.