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Pisces Waning Moon

The moon stands in the center of the light of the full moon and dark of the new moon.

Pisces Waning Moon, Release resistance to imagining a better life for yourself, The Moon Tarot Card,

The Pisces third quarter waning moon asks us to pause, reflect, assess, and

release any fears around being original and authentic.

Imagine a better life for yourself

Pisces is a mutable sign (like Sagittarius and Virgo). Sagittarius focuses on optimism and creativity, Virgo is determined and efficient, and Pisces is imagining they life they want down the road. Take out your curious and open-minded hat and concentrate on exploring possibilities and finding a fresh perspective.

At the Pisces waning moon is a time to imagine the life you want to live. No action is necessary just dream it up. The action will happen later.

Pisces energy invites us to dream, hope, and fantasize. The waning moon is a time to release which means it is time to release any fears, blocks, or resistance around being creative and introspective. Think about where you are today and then imagine where you'd like to be tomorrow, a year from now, five - ten years from now. For example would you like to have a new job? Live in a new place? Or have x-amount of dollars saved up? Imagine yourself having whatever it is you want. The more you believe it is possible the faster you will get there.

The planetary ruler of Pisces is Neptune the planet of inspiration, dreams, and illusions. Tap into Neptunian energy when you cross boundaries in your everyday life. Use the energy to tell yourself a new story.

When the moon is waning it is a good time to pause, reflect, assess, and release any old emotions and fears (because Pisces is a water sign) that interfere with how you see yourself in the future work, home, and money wise (because we are still under the Taurus umbrella).

Replace narratives that hinder your success with constructive affirmations that support you now.

Try telling yourself positive things like "I love my life". If that sounds too out of reach try "My life is getting better every day". You can also make it a point to celebrate any small wins you have on a daily basis. It can even be small things like arriving at the subway station just as the train pulls in.

Reflect and Assess

Take a look at your intentions and notes from the Taurus new moon and consider what is asking to be released. What can you cut away to make room space for your Taurus intentions to manifest. Also, what can you release to make room to set your Gemini intentions next week?

Pisces Waning Moon Tarot Spread

Take out your tarot cards, find your Waning Moon in Pisces card (card 4) from the Taurus Moonth Spread and place it in position number one.

YesSpiral's working with the Moon tarot spread
  1. What do I let go of as the moon wanes in Pisces? (Use card 4 from the New Moon in Taurus Spread or any card if you didn't participate)

  2. How can you be more imaginative?

  3. What inspires you?

  4. What fear is holding you back from designing the life you want?

  5. What aspect of your life could benefit from you being more open-minded?

Moonth in Gemini coming up on Sunday, June 18th at 12:37 am. Mark your calendars for journaling and working with tarot.

Gemini energy is about learning, communication, and networks.

Taurus Moonth Cycle Review:

  1. New Moon in Taurus: Set intentions about getting rooted your beliefs and values to form a positive sense of self.

  2. Waxing Moon in Virgo: Nurture your determination to design the life you want.

  3. Full Moon in Sagittarius: Celebrate your optimism, and creativity for the progress you've made.

  4. Waning Moon Pisces: Release resistance to imaging and better life for yourself.

  5. Next New Moon in Gemini: Develop your social and communication skills.

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