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The Mystical Connections Between Tarot Cards and Winter Zodiac Signs

The Winter season is officially from December 21st - March 19th. The Winter Season includes three zodiac signs, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. It is the time of year when we focus on our ambitions, ideals, and imagination. This post presents an overview of the winter season's three zodiac signs and themes. It will also also go over the minor and major arcana tarot cards of the time.

Capricorn is the zodiac sign that starts the New Year. It is during the time of Capricorn that millions around the world make resolutions. When the sun and moon are together in a sign (conjunct) it signifies a new moon. New moons are great for setting intentions or making resolutions. I set intentions influenced by the zodiac signs every new moon.

Capricorn initiates

Capricorn is the seaon's cardinal sign. Cardinal is about initiating and taking action. The sort of action one takes towards realizing ambitions and goals. Capricorn is about accomplishments and success. In Capricorn there is a determination to manifest things in physical reality.

Aquarius persists

Aquarius is the season's fixed sign. Fixed is about continuity and persistence. The sort of persistence it takes to be innovative in our approach to life. Aquarius is about being unconventional and working to create an ideal society. In Aquarius there is an interest to make radical changes for the good of all.

Pisces adapts

Pisces is the season's mutable sign. Mutable is about adapting to change. The sort of change that is necessary when we are in pursuit of a dream. Pisces is about moving beyond the routines of everyday life into our imaginations. In Pisces there is a need to be connected spiritually.

The cycle of initiating, persisting, and adapting starts all over again in the Spring. The signs of Spring are Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.

The Tarot's Aces represent the Seasons and the

Pages represent the elemental energy

In tarot Aces represent the seasons. The Pages represent the elemental energy of the season. The Aces and the Pages sit outside of the Astrology and Tarot Wheel.

Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card, Rider Waite Smith, A cosmic hand holds a coin in mid air over a lush garden.
The Power of Earth | Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is known as the

The Power of Earth

The Ace of Pentacles corresponds to the energy of Winter.

The element of earth is represented by pentacles in tarot. Earth symbolizes the practical, tangible, material, and reliable.

The Aces represent the potential of the suit. It contains the instructions for the development, growth, and progression of the entire cycle of the suit.

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card, Rider Waite Smith, Young person holds up a coin in a vast field.
Personification of Earth | Page of Pentacles

Earth signs include:

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

The Page of pentacles is known as the

Personification of Fire

The page of pentacles connects the suit of pentacles to the realm of physical existence. They are diligent and resolved to create a solid foundation on which to walk on. They bring a sense of caution and stability.

Winter Zodiac Signs include:

The Devil Tarot Card, Rider Waite Smith, A horned and winged half man half beast chains a man and woman.
The Devil | Capricorn


The Devil represents Capricorn in tarot. The Devil is rooted in the material world. The Devil shows us that wealth and success can either liberate or enslave us. The Devil card symbolizes physical pleasures, materialism, addictions, and oppression. The Devil is Capricorn out of balance. It is on a downward spiral.

The Star Tarot Card, Rider Waite Smith, Woman pours water into a pond under stars
The Star | Aquarius


The Star represents Aquarius in tarot. Aquarius is the sign of social consciousness and innovative thinking. The Star card illustrates the power of myth as all constellations are associated with a myth or legend. The Star also symbolizes direction. Sailors navigate by the north star, children make wishes on stars, people watch for shooting stars, and astrologers chart stars to map out their lives.

The Moon Tarot Card, Rider Waite Smith, dog and wolf howl at the moon. Crab crawls out of the river.
The Moon | Pisces


The Moon represents Pisces in tarot. Pisces is the mystical sign of the zodiac. It is most comfortable in the deep waters of intuition and spiritual transformation. When Pisces is in its element it is imaginative and creative. Like the Moon, Pisces is changeable. It reveals itself in bits and pieces and hides the darker side of its nature. When the Moon appears in a reading it is about the light in the darkness that illuminates creativity and imagination, as well as deception and illusion.

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