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Virgo Waxing Moon

The first quarter moon is waxing in Virgo. It is time to make time for your future self today.

Be determined, practical, and responsible.

Virgo Waxing moon, virgo constellation, virgo glyph, make time for your future self today.

At the first quarter moon phase the moon is in the liminal space between new and full. This happens approximately one week after the new moon and one week before the full moon.

The first quarter waxing moon is a time of growth. Whatever seeds you planted at the new moon have now taken root and are beginning to shoot up. This is a good time to review your intentions. Notice if any of them have words that are vague or general. Circle those words and come up with specific words/ideas to describe what you want to bring into your life.

Virgo Energy

Virgo is a determined and practical sign. It focuses on work, duty, and responsibility. In tarot, Virgo is represented by The Hermit. It symbolizes leadership by example, introspection, and practicality. It is about a desire to teach and help people.

Make time for your future self today.

Virgo invites you to you to nourish your determination to design the life you want. One way to do this is make a schedule and and stubbornly stick to it. Think about what you want and what you would like to accomplish in X amount of time. Make the map to get you there. The map is your schedule. Make time for your future self today. The tools of the time practicality and determination.

Virgo Moon Attributes

When the moon is in Virgo the mood is analytical, critical, and organized. We are inclined to work out and eat well for the good of all. Assess the details, sort what to keep and what to discard. Deal with paperwork, mechanics, delicate crafts, or anything where precision is needed.

This new moon cycle (moonth) started off with fixed (stable and persevering) energy from Taurus but the waxing, full, and waning and next new moons are all in mutable signs meaning it is a good time for determination, depth and persistence. The actions you take under fixed influence can easily turn into habits and routines.

Think about your currents habits, anything you want to replace?

Virgo Waxing Moon Tarot or Oracle Spread

Leo Waxing Moon Tarot Spread
  1. What begins to grow as the moon waxes in Virgo?

  2. What is now past or passing?

  3. What is known to you now?

  4. What new energies are coming in?

  5. What is unknown to you now?

I would love to see your tarot spread. Share it on Instagram with the hashtag #moonthlyspread

Next up is the Full moon in Scorpio on Friday May 5th.

Taurus New Moon Cycle Review

  1. New Moon in Taurus: Set intentions about values, money, security, and self worth.

  2. Waxing Moon in Virgo: Nurture your intentions by getting determined and organized about the life you want.

  3. Full Moon in Sagittarius: Celebrate your progress by being creative and optimistic.

  4. Waning Moon Pisces: Release resistance to imagining a better life for yourself and trusting in your inner knowing.

  5. Next New Moon in Gemini: Develop your social and communication skills.

Updated 05/27/23

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