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Waning 3rd Qtr Moon in Leo

The moon is waning/third quarter in Leo today. It is also the day after the media projected Joseph Biden is the next president of the United States! The announcement is a Leo thing to do as it loves to be in spotlight.

Leo is a fixed fire sign, it is generous, has charisma, and loves drama. As Theresa Reed says in Astrology for Real Life "the High Vibe is dramatic, bold, glam, loves to rule, exuberant, exciting, regal, generous bighearted, affectionate, and loyal. The Low Vibe is overly dramatic, self-centered, egomaniacal, prone to flattery, bossy, vain, demanding, unreasonable, and overbearing."

The tarot cards associated with Leo are:

  • Strength:

Represents courage, Self-discipline, and Determination. The energy is generous, warm, dramatic, optimistic, honorable, frank, and energetic. The card emits a sense of fearlessness.

  • The Sun

Our source of light and life energy. The sun represents our ego and the self. It symbolizes confidence, self-esteem, willpower and purpose. It suggests vitality.

  • King of Wands

Fire of Fire

Embodies the energies of Strength and The Sun by being

Confident and Courageous and a source of inspiration.

The waning moon is a good time to reflect on the course of the moonth. During this particular moonth three quarters of the year have also passed us by and is a good time to start reflecting on the year 2020. It is certain this is an unusual year. Many of us have lived this year differently than any other year. It has changed many of us. As you look back over the events of the past year (if you are not ready, reflect on this moonth), think about yourself, your place in the world, where you were when we started, and where you are today.

  • How have you changed?

  • Where in your life have you grown stronger?

  • Did the plans you made at the beginning of year (moonth) become a reality?

  • What plans did you abandon, and why?  

  • How did you meet the challenge or embrace the surprises that 2020 brought you?  

  • What is the emerging theme of 2020 for you?  

Next up is the Dark Moon in Libra on November 13th.

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