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Sagittarius Waning Moon

The center of the full moon light and the new moon dark

Sagittarius Waning Moon

The moon is waning in Sagittarius. It stands in the center of the Full Moon light and New moon darkness asking us to pause, reflect, assess, and release.


Sagittarius is the sign of going on a quest for truth, optimism, and connection to nature. It is about being creative, adventurous, and ethical.

Sagittarius Moon

The mood is honest, frank, spontaneous, and optimistic. Break up your daily routine with a yoga stretch. Take the long way home. Talk to someone with a different perspective. Share a controversial topic on social media to spark conversation. Explore the joys and responsibilities of free speech, Investigate for new news sources. Make travel arrangements.

Sagittarius Waning Moon Tarot Spread

Reflect and Assess

Take a look at your intentions and notes from the New Moon and consider what has to be released to make room space for the new moon next week.

Sagittarius Waning Moon Tarot Spread
  1. What do I let go of as the moon wanes in Sagittarius? (Use card 4 from the New Moon Tarot Spread)

  2. What actions can I take to make space for change?

  3. What part of my life would benefit from expanding my mind?

  4. How can I invite more hope and optimism into my life?

  5. In what ways am I visionary and wise?

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