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Waxing 1st Quarter Moon in Aquarius

The First Quarter Waxing Moon moon is entering Aquarius today at 9:23am.

Aquarius energy is Innovative, Original, and looks to Create Social Change. It harnesses the power of the intellect like a flash of lightning. The energy is fixed. It is ruled by Saturn which has a capacity to create order, form, and discipline in life. It is a good time to stand back and be philosophical about our lives, consider if we are going in the right direction or if a U-turn is needed.

The tarot cards associated with Aquarius are:

  • The Star which is ruled by Aquarius symbolizing hope, wonder, peace, gratitude, and inspiration.

  • The Fool ruled by Uranus planet of freedom, revolution, rebellion, and reform.

  • The King of Swords, Air of Air, is powerful, authoritative, and makes decisions based on logic and intellect. Ruled by Aquarius he is a forward thinker and socially conscious.

Take a look at the astrology wheel below and consider how the moon has traveled through Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and is now in Aquarius, did you notice the different energies?

Take out your journal and tarot/oracle cards

It is a good time to revisit your New Moon Spread and see how the seeds planted (your intentions) are beginning to grow. What does the card of this time say to you now? Does your initial impression still stand? Has anything changed? Any new insight?

It is also a good time to shuffle your deck (or use your intuition) and ask:

  • How do I respond to and address the issues illuminated by this lunation?

  • How can I play a positive role in my community?

  • What are my values? Do they match my actions?

  • What step can I take to make a difference in my home, my family, my work, my life, the world?

Next up in the Full Moon in Taurus on Halloween, October 31st at 10:49am.

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