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Waxing Moon in Gemini

The moon is waxing in first quarter phase today in Gemini. This is when the moon is in between new and full.

The time of the waxing moon is a good time to look at the intentions set at the new moon and determine which ones want you to refine them as goals so they are realistic and actionable.

During last moonth's Waxing Moon in Taurus I was preparing to make a vision board. I had a great time browsing through magazines cuttings pictures out, and pasting them on the board. I put all kinds of great things I want to grow in my life like: nurture the talent within, setting financial and occupational goals, and entrepreneur.

Now Gemini is asking me to use thought and logic (Air/Swords) instead of physical work (Earth/Pentacles) Taurus influenced me to do. Last week, the moon started a new cycle in Aquarius an air sign which uses thought and logic as its influencing tool. That energy lead me to create SMART Goals Tarot spread to help me manifest what I put on my vision board in a thoughtful and logical way.

Back to Gemini, it is an Air sign associated with swords in tarot which corresponds with mental realms of thought, reason, and communication. Gemini is also a Mutable sign which means it has the capacity to be flexible and adaptive when it makes more sense than staying the same.

Tarot or Oracle Spread

  1. What begins to grow as the moon waxes in Gemini? (use card #2 from the New Moon in Aquarius spread)

  2. What in your life needs logic in order to reach a resolution?

  3. How can you be more flexible and adaptable?

  4. What in your life is asking you to say "yes"?

  5. What in your life do you have complete faith in?


I would love to see your tarot spread. Share it on Instagram with the hashtag above.

Next up is the Full moon in Virgo on Saturday February 27th.

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