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Waxing Moon in Gemini

The moon is waxing in first quarter phase in Gemini. This is when the moon is between new and full.

Gemini Waxing Moon - Social Media, Acquaintances, Short Trips

The time of the waxing moon is a good time to review and nurture your intentions set at the new moon. Look back at your Pisces inspired intentions and choose one or two to focus on. Perhaps convert them into goals. Notice what is growing in your life. What in your life (person, place, or thing) will benefit from your attention.

Gemini Moon

When the moon is in Gemini the mood is open minded, and versatile. It is good for multitasking as opposed to concentrating for long periods. Take advantage of the extroverted energy and check in with clients and friends. Startup conversations with strangers to begin new friendships or romances. Get on social media to share or engage with things you feel passionately about.

Waxing Moon in Gemini

Gemini is an Air sign associated with swords in tarot which corresponds with mental realms of thought, reason, and communication. Gemini is also a Mutable sign which means it has the capacity to be flexible and adaptive.

The lovers, rider waite, arch angel Michaels blesses a couple
The Lovers represent Gemini in Tarot

Gemini is the communicative and inquisitive sign about networking with others. In tarot, Gemini is represented by The Lovers. It symbolizes choice, interdependence, and partnership. The Lovers nourish curiosity and a need to keep busy.

Pisces and Gemini invite you to nourish your communication skills with acquaintances. Think about the times where you were pleased and having a great time. How can you bring more of that energy into your life.

Gemini Waxing Moon Tarot or Oracle Spread

Gemini Waxing Moon Tarot Spread
  1. What begins to grow as the moon waxes in Gemini? (use card #2 from the New Moon in Pisces spread)

  2. What in your life needs logic in order to reach a resolution?

  3. How can you be more flexible and adaptable?

  4. What in your life is asking you to say "yes"?

  5. What in your life do you have complete faith in?

I would love to see your tarot spread. Share it on Instagram with the hashtag #moonthlyspread

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updated 02/26/2023

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