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Digestive Bitters

Dongquai, Fenugreek, Angelica, Gentian, Sage, and Cardamon combined to create a delightful bitter flavor
The Herbs in YesSpiral Digestive Bitters

Spring has sprung! The trees in my neighborhood are already budding and some are blossoming. In a recent post I wrote about spring cleaning my life and now I want to talk about spring cleaning our digestive systems.

Yes, I said digestive system! It totally needs your attention after all that comfort food you had this winter (or this year long and counting pandemic). The digestive systems primary function is to turn the food you eat into nutrients, which the body uses for energy, growth and regeneration.

Bitter herbs help out digestion system work better and faster.
The Brain, Digestive System, and Bitter Herbs

The digestive process begins the moment you smell your food.

Have you noticed when you smell something good you start to salivate? That means your brain sent a message to your digestive system to get ready to do its job.

The second part of digestion is when you start eating and chewing your food into small pieces that mixed with saliva continue the process of breaking it down into a form your body can absorb and use. The digestive process continues but this is all I will say about it here.

There are five basic taste profiles you are familiar with and embrace: sweet, salty, sour, and umami flavors but how comfortable are you with bitter flavors? Most people are not at ALL comfortable with bitter flavors and avoid them. However, bitter flavors send signals to the digestive system to wake it up so it can get to work.

Bitter flavors also assist in the process of breaking down sugars from sweets and carbs and curb cravings. Most importantly of all (to my vain self) bitters support beautiful, healthy, and clear skin because it helps to break down our food.

Bitters support beautiful,

healthy, and clear skin.

Eat bitters and take bitter tinctures to aid the digestive process.

My love of bitters started in 2016 when I attended a class called Bitters for Digestion. I didn't know anything about bitters but I was drawn to that class and I'm glad I followed my

instinct and signed up because what I learned in that class has stuck with me ever since. The teacher taught us about bitters by having us taste about 20 bitter herbs. Asking us to determine which ones appealed to us and which didn't. It resulted in me purchasing 6 of the bitter herbs, roots, and seeds to create my very own digestive bitters blend. Ive have been hooked on it ever since.

I usually have a YesSpiral Bitters tincture bottle in my bag to take before and after meals. I also take it when I'm craving sweets or when I want to cleanse my palate.

The bitters in the YesSpiral Digestive Blend include: Gentian which works to strengthen digestive activity and to release stomach acid.

Angelica is a carminative which helps to prevent and expel gas.

Dong Quai promotes absorption of food.

Fenugreek is anti-inflammatory.

Sage is antimicrobial and a tonic for the digestive system.

Cardamon soothes the digestive system and smells and tastes great.

Have you ever taken a bitters tincture as medicine?

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