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Capricorn Full Moon

The Full Moon is the climax of the new moon cycle. The moon is at its brightest and shines light on the parts we keep hidden. Capricorn invites you to celebrate your ambition and successes.

Sagittarius Full Moon, sagittarius glyph and constellation, the archer,  balance responsibility and adventure

What about Capricorn?

Capricorn is the sign of ambition, career, and recognition. It is about making goals and striving to achieve them. In tarot, Capricorn is represented by The Devil. It symbolizes physical pleasures, wild behavior, life out of balance, and materialism. It shows us that wealth and success can either liberate us or enslave us.

The Moon in Capricorn

When the moon is in Capricorn the mood is competent and focused. Approach life in a professional and methodical way to support your leadership capabilities. Envision your goals becoming a reality. Design and put in place a framework to make goals happen. Consider how leadership shows up in your life. Take steps to become more productive. Clean out and organize your workspace. Make a schedule. Draft a list of short-term goals to achieve long term goals. Check off and celebrate any and all progress.

Capricorn is Cardinal Earth aka the Queen of Pentacles

Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn invites you to celebrate your sense of ambition and your successes. Forgive yourself for missed opportunities and any procrastinations. Use this time to develop a structure of discipline to stay focused on designing the life you want.

This new moon cycle started off in Gemini. Its focus communication and social skills. At the Libra waxing moon the focus changed to partnerships and collaboration. Now that the full moon is in Capricorn our focus moves towards ambition and success.

What does ambition mean to you?

Ambition makes me look at my life. Specially the gap between where I am today and where I want to be in the future. Working in that gap is what keeps me striving after what I want.

The Capricorn full moon invites you to celebrate your ambition and success. The tools of the time are practicality and stability.

Review Your Capricorn New Moon Intentions

The Capricorn New Moon was on December 23rd 2022

Books and notes to review intentions set at  New moon.

Did you set intentions at the Capricorn new moon back in December 2022?

If you didn't, think about what you were up to in the end of December. If you can't remember (that was six months ago!) go into your calendar or do a search on your phone to see the pictures you took around that time to jog your memory.

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If you did, go to your notes and review your intentions, goals, or wishes. Have any of them come to fruition? Yes? Great! You are focused on what you want.

No? do you still want to work on that? Is it aligned with what you want now? If not, let it go, throw it into the fire. Walking away from things is totally okay. It is one way of getting clear about what we want in our lives.

If yes, take a moment to breathe in some fresh energy to your power center. Call on Capricorns ambitious and practical energy to make an action plan to manifest your intentions. If it feels good, continue working on it. If you feel discomfort then go back and re-word your intention or scrap it.

Capricorn Waxing Moon Spread

Revisit your New Moon Spread, pick out card number 3 place it in the center as card number one. Shuffle your deck and ask...

yesspiral capricorn full  moon tarot spread

  1. What do you celebrate and or forgive at the Capricorn full moon? (use card number 3 from the new moon spread)

  2. What are you grateful for?

  3. What can you forgive yourself for?

  4. What are you striving for?

  5. What sits in the gap between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow?

Gemini 2023 Moonth Cycle Review

The Gemini new moon cycle the energy starts off adaptable. Then we move into quick and driven cardinal energy at the waxing, full, waning and next new moon. This is going to be a taking initiative type of Moonth! This ambitious and enthusiastic energy will help us to get ideas and projects out into the world.

  1. Gemini New Moon - 06/18/23 - Develop your social and communication skills. The tools of the time are thoughts and intention.

  2. Libra Waxing Moon - 06/26/23 - Nourish your partnerships and collaborate with others. The tools of the time communication and intellect.

  3. Capricorn Full Moon - 07/03/23 - Celebrate your ambition and success. The tools of the time are practicality and stability.

  4. Aries Waning Moon - 07/09/23 - Release resistance to directing your life. The tools of the time are taking action and creativity

  5. Cancer Next New Moon - 07/17/23 - Develop your financial security. The tools of the time are dreams and spirituality.

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Updated June 2023

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