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Full Moon in Cancer

The moon becomes Full in Cancer tonight at 10:28pm ET. The Full Moon is the climax of the moonthly cycle because it is at it's brightest and can shine light on the deepest parts of ourselves that we can't usually see. It is a powerful time for looking within, healing, shifting blocks, and shedding the past.

Cancer is an cardinal water sign ruled by the Moon the heavenly body of intuition, emotions, and feelings. The Cancer moon can help us connect with our gentle side. It may lead us to nurture and protect our home and our beloveds. If we feel unsafe by our vulnerability or if critiques from others are too sharp, we get crabby

The Chariot:

Resourceful, Intuitive, & Protective. On a practical quest to protect and defend home, community, or personal business. The quest can also be for knowledge or experience.

The High Priestess

Mystic, taps into the secrets of the universe. The embodiment of the moon: constantly changing form while reflective and intuitive

Queen of Cups

Water of water, embodies the emotional energy of cups and represents cardinal water. Like the Chariot she navigates through currents and tides and like the High Priestess she’s prone to physic prophecies and visions.

Take out your journal and tarot/oracle cards

It is a good time to revisit your Sagittarius New Moon Spread and review the intentions you made during the new moon.

  • Are your intentions taking root into your daily life?

  • What does the Full Moon in Cancer card say to you now?

  • Does your initial impression still stand?

  • Has anything changed?

  • Any new insight in hindsight?

Look back at your notes from the Cancer New Moon (in June and July) and review those intentions. Have you manifested any? If you have, great! If not, is it something you still want? Is it something to revise or something you must go on a quest for?

It is also a good time to shuffle your deck (or use your intuition) and ask:

  • What makes me feel safe and secure?