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Cancer New Moon

A new moon cycle begins when the Sun and Moon are aligned in the sky.

Cancer New Moon, cancer constellation of stars, cancer claws glyph
Cancer Constellation and Glyph

The new moon is a time of new beginnings and initiations. This makes it an optimal time to set Cancer focused intentions aligned with reconnecting to our emotions and feelings. Under the influence of Cancer there is a need to give and receive emotional warmth and support.

What are the Tarot Cards associated with Cancer?

Cancer is represented by The Chariot in tarot.

The Moon is the planetary ruler of Cancer and is represented by The High Priestess in tarot. The Queen of Cups represents Cancer's element of water and cardinal mode.

The Chariot - move forward with confidence, discipline, and trusting gut feelings

The Chariot is Cancer

In Tarot, Cancer is represented by The Chariot. The driver is kind, intuitive, and protective leader ready to drive towards new experiences with focus and determination. He is on a practical quest to protect and defend home, community and personal business. When The Chariot shows up in a tarot reading move forward with confidence, discipline, while trusting your gut feelings.

The high priestess, the cycles of life are correlated to the waxing and waning of time like phases of the moon.

The Moon is the High Priestess

Cancer is ruled by the Earth's satelite, the Moon whose light is derived from the reflection of the sun. The Moon symbolizes reflection, intuition, and the cyclical nature of life. The Moon is represented by The High Priestess embodying feminine spiritual power. She understands the cycles of life are correlated to the waxing and waning of time like the moons phases. Her greatest tool is intuition.

The Queen of Cups - be a decisive and creative in a nurturing, loving, and caring way.

The Queen of Cups is Cardinal Water

Cancer is a water sign associated with emotions, feelings, intuition. In tarot water is represented by the suit of Cups. Cancer is a cardinal sign meaning it starts off a season and symbolizes initiative, action, and enthusiasm. The embodiment of Cancer and The Moon is The Queen of Cups. She is nurturing, loving and caring while at once being a decisive and creative leader who knows how to manage home and family life.

What are the Cancer Rulerships?

Rulerships are the areas of life that a sign has influence over. When the sun and moon are in the constellation of Cancer it is an optimal time to focus on those areas.

The list below summarizes Cancer's rulerships which you can use for inspiration for setting your new moon intentions. In the book New Moon Astrology, Jan Spiller suggests to make a list of up to ten intentions, wishes, or goals. The initiating energy of the new moon is most potent up to 72 hours after the new moon so take out your pen and paper to set the intentions tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday.

  • Home and Family: Internal frame of reference, Gut Instincts

  • Safety: Security, Feelings of Belonging, Protection, Financial Security

  • Process: Training and Practicing, Conditioning, Nurturing New Beginnings

  • Intimacy and Caring: Closeness, Empathy, Vulnerability

  • Feelings and Moods: Awareness of feelings, Sensitivity to others feelings, Tenderness, Awareness of needs

  • Nurturing: Being supportive, Mother or Mothering, Close Family Relations, Taking Care of Others

  • Releasing insecurity: Clinginess, Possessiveness, Overly cautious behaviors, Fear of rejection, Lack of goals

  • Health: Breasts and Chest, Pancreas, Stomach, Stomach gas, Ulcers, Tumors

Check out my New Moon in Cancer Workship. It dives deep into Cancer to inspire you to set your Cancer intentions and do your Cancer New Moon Tarot Spread.

I've done an iteration of this practice every moonth since 2015. It is a time for me to connect with my inner guide, set intentions, create goals, and manifest my desires. This practice is so powerful it led to the creation of this blog post, video, and the New Moon Intention Journals. This moonthly ritual helps me to stay on track to design the life I want.

Make space in your schedule to slow down, write down your intentions, use tarot to bring blind spots to your attention, and discuss what you are up to with friends. They will be your accountability partners.

Saying your intentions out loud is one way to get the Universe in motion to get you want you want. Write down one intention you are working on in the comments section.

yesspiral into synchronicity

New Moon Intention Journal

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