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New Moon in Cancer

Cancer New Moon
Cancer Constellation and Glyph

Tonight the is moon starting a new cycle in the sign of Cancer at 9:16pm ET. The new moon is a time of new beginning and initiations which means it is an ideal time to set Cancer intentions aligned with reconnecting to our emotions and feelings.

When Cancer is in the Mix there is a need to give and receive emotional warmth and support.

Cancer Tarot Cards

In Tarot, Cancer is represented by The Chariot. The driver is kind, intuitive, and protective leader ready to drive towards new experiences with focus and determination. He is on a practical quest to protect and defend home, community and personal business. When he show up move forward with confidence, discipline, while trusting your gut feelings.

Cancer is ruled by the Earth's satelite, the Moon whose light is derived from the reflection of the sun. The Moon symbolizes reflection, intuition, and the cyclical nature of life. The Moon is represented by The High Priestess embodying feminine spiritual power. She understands the cycles of life are correlated to the waxing and waning of time like the moons phases. Her greatest tool is intuition.

Cancer is a water sign associated with emotions, feelings, intuition. In tarot water is represented by the suit of Cups and the embodiment of Cancer and The Moon is The Queen of Cups. She is nurturing, loving and caring while at once being a decisive and creative leader who knows how to manage home and family life.

Cancer Rulerships

Below is a list of Cancer's rulerships which you can use for inspiration for setting your intentions. In the book New Moon Astrology, Jan Spiller suggests to make a list of up to ten intentions, wishes, or goals. The initiating energy of the new moon is most potent up to 72 hours after the new moon so