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Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon is the climax of the new moon cycle. It is at its brightest and shines light on the deepest parts of ourselves we usually keep hidden.

Scorpio Full Moon, Transformation & rebirth, scorpio glyph and constellation

The Scorpio full moon invites you to celebrate commitments and honor financial obligations. Take stock of your achievements and recognize the progress you've made towards your goals.

What about Scorpio?

Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, rebirth, and other people's money. Think inheritances and taxes. When Scorpio is in the mix transformation beckons. There is a strong ability to focus on things that bring about change and discipline. Scorpio is also about financial partnerships, contracts, and obsessions. Scorpio energy has the ability to form deep emotional connections and relationships. On a downward spiral Scorpio is vindictive, suspicious, and deceptive. Pluto the planet of transformation, death, and destruction rules over Scorpio and teaches us that endings are part of the cycle of rebirth and resurrection.

What are the symbols for Scorpio?

The symbols for Scorpio are the Scorpion for its dangerous sting and the Phoenix for its ability to be reborn from ash. The archetypes of Scorpio are the Mystic, The Alchemist, and the Detective. The tarot card associated with Scorpio is Death.

Scorpio influences us to embrace transformation and rebirth. It encourages us to transform any destructive habits and routines into regenerating rituals that soothe the soul.

Review Your Scorpio New Moon Intentions

The Scorpio New Moon was on November 13th 2023

Books and notes to review intentions set at Scorpio New moon.
Review Your Scorpio New Moon Intentions

Did you set intentions at the Scorpio new moon back in November 2023?

If you didn't, think about what you were up to in the middle of November. If you can't remember (that was six months ago!) go into your calendar or do a search on your phone to see the pictures you took around that time to jog your memory.

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If you did, go to your notes and review your intentions, goals, or wishes. Have any of them come to fruition? Yes? Great! You are focused on what you want.

No? do you still want to work on that? Is it aligned with what you want now? If not, let it go, throw it into the fire. Walking away from things is totally okay. It is one way of getting clear about what we want in our lives.

If yes, take a moment to breathe in some fresh energy to your power center and call on the initiating and assertive energy of Aries. Imagine how manifesting those intentions will make you feel. If it feels good, continue working on it. If you feel discomfort then go back and re-word your intention or scrap it.

New Moon Tarot Spread revisited

Revisit your Aries New Moon Spread and review the intentions you made at the new moon, pick out card number 3 place it in the center as card number one and then shuffle your deck and ask...

yesspiral new moon tarot spread
  1. What peaks as the moon becomes full in Scorpio? (use card number 3 from Aries new moon spread)

  2. What aspect of your life could use some transformation?

  3. What part of yourself or life is coming to an end and how are you coping?

  4. What habit or routine can you let go of to transform into a more effective leader?

  5. What curiosity lives in the depths of your soul?

Aries Moonth Cycle Review:

Aries  Moonth Cycle Summary, new moon, waxing moon, full moon, waning moon, and next new moon

We are now in at the Scorpio Full Moon.

  1. Aries New Moon - develop your personal brand and leadership skills.

  2. Cancer Waxing Moon - nourish your gut instincts and financial security.

  3. Scorpio Full Moon - celebrate commitments and honor financial obligations.

  4. Aquarius Waning Moon - release resistance deepening friendships and building networks.

  5. Spiral Taurus New Moon - developing your resources, finances, and traditions.

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Updated 04/20/24

Updated 05/04/23

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