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Taurus Full Moon

The Full Moon is the climax of the new moon cycle. The moon is at its brightest and shines light on the parts we keep hidden. The Taurus full moon invites you to celebrate your consistency, resourcefulness, and stability. The tools of the time are patience and stability.

Taurus Full Moon, glyph and constellation, the bull, celebrate consistency

What about Taurus?

Taurus is grounded and harvests the fruits of its labor. The energy is practical, steady, and consistent. Taurus approaches situations with the tools of earth: practicality, patience, and stability. The symbol for Taurus is the Bull. The Bull loves the pleasure of a comfortable environment and is willing to put in the work to get a return on their investment of time and effort. The Taurus glyph represents the bull’s head and horns. Taurus inspires a collective need to be productive, resourceful, and stable. When Taurus is on a downward spiral the energy is materialistic, stubborn, and overcautious.

The Moon in Taurus

The mood is stubborn, creative, and sensual. We want to cultivate our earthly resources, including our values and money. We slow down and become more aware. Get yourself comfortable, secure, and relaxed. Take steps to protect and grow our resources. Follow through on projects recently started. Get in a groove at work and keep the rhythm steady. Deal with circumstances that require patience and determination. Negotiate financial transactions while being aware of our financial worth.

Taurus is Fixed Earth aka the King of Pentacles - Be consistent when building up your resources.
Knight of Cups, Mutable Water - feed your imagination

Taurus Full Moon

The Taurus full moon invites you to celebrate your consistency to buildup resources. This helps you to feel feel supported and on a strong foundation. The tools of the time are patience and stability.

Journal Question:

Is where you are at the moment a cause for celebration or forgiveness?

We began the month under the Libra New Moon Umbrella. This moon phase emphasized building relationships and partnerships. The Capricorn waxing moon phase brought our attention to our principals and reputation. During the Taurus full moon, let's celebrate our consistency and resourcefulness. It's a time to build a strong foundation for our relationships.

What role does consistency play in your life? I both yearn for and detest consistency. I yearn for it when it comes to my income, food on the table, and relationships. I detest it when it comes to work and day-to-day activities that feel stifling and boring. When I'm building something, I can stay consistent. But once I reach the top, I want to start something new. To keep my energy fresh, I consistently try new things every month, quarter, or year.

"Consistency is the fruit of the tree of success. The more you do something effectively and with a goal in mind, the better you will get at it and the more you will feel fulfilled." - Dan O’Brien
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Review Your Taurus New Moon Intentions

The Taurus New Moon was on May 19th 2023

Books and notes to review new moon intentions

Did you set intentions at the Taurus new moon back in May 2023?

If you didn't, think about what you were up to in the middle of May. If you can't remember (that was six months ago!) go into your calendar or do a search on your phone to see the pictures you took around that time to jog your memory.

If you did, go to your notes and review your intentions, goals, or wishes. Have any of them come to fruition? Yes? Great! You are focused on what you want.

No? do you still want to work on that? Is it aligned with what you want now? If not, let it go, throw it into the fire. Walking away from things is totally okay. It is one way of getting clear about what we want in our lives.

Take a moment to breathe in some fresh energy to your power center. Call on Taurus' stable and supportive energy. If it feels good, continue working on it. If you feel discomfort then go back and re-work your intention or scrap it.

Taurus Full Moon Spread

Pick out card number 3 from your Libra New Moon spread and place it in the center as card number one. Shuffle your deck and ask...

Taurus Full Moon Tarot Spread, Consistency celebrates resourcefulness
  1. What do you celebrate/forgive at the Taurus full moon? (Use card 3 from the new moon spread?

  2. How can you be more consistent?

  3. In what ways are you resourceful?

  4. What makes you feel supported?

  5. What can you work on to bring in stability?

Libra Moonth Cycle Review

This Libra Moonth, the new and waxing moons are both in cardinal signs inviting us to take initiative. The energy will nudge us to develop our relationships and partnerships for our personal development and growth. The waxing moon energy will have us focused on our principles and reputation. We need those when we are developing strong relationships. The full, waning, and next new moon are all in fixed signs. This will give us the persistence necessary to bring our intentions to fruition.

  1. Libra New Moon - The Libra new moon invites you to develop relationships and partnerships. The tools of the time are communication and intellect.

  2. Capricorn Waxing Moon – The Capricorn waxing moon invites you to nourish your principals and reputation. The tools of the time are values and practicality.

  3. Taurus Full Moon - The Taurus full moon invites you to celebrate your consistency and resources. The tools of the time are patience and stability.

  4. Leo Waning Moon - The Leo waning moon invites you to release resistance to enthusiasm and socializing. The tools of the time are action and personal will.

  5. Scorpio Next New Moon - The Scorpio next new moon invites you to develop consistency and purpose. The tools of the time are healing and spirituality.

Full Moons are for celebration, release, and forgiveness.

Taurus Full Moon Circle at Flower Power, NYC

Saturday, October 28th @ 7:30 pm

Aries Full Moon Circle at Flower Power, event


  • intimate gathering

  • reflection

  • ritual

  • sharing

  • connection

  • tarot and oracle cards

  • FUN

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