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Aquarius New Moon 2022

Aquarius Innovation Cultivates Radical Change

New Moon at 12:46 am on Tuesday February 2nd.

Aquarius Innovation cultivates radical change. Aquarius Glyph and constellation, Aquarius water bearer pouring water symbol. YesSpiral.

The Aquarius new moon is here to get us acclimated into the fixed energy of the winter season. It asks us to take an innovative approach to designing and manifesting the life we want. The Aquarius energy is intellectual and rational. It inspires us to take the progressive route towards integrating our goals in our daily lives. Aquarius is futuristic and forward thinking cultivates radical change.

Aquarius is the innovative sign of embracing new ways of thinking and being in the world. Aquarius is a trendsetter. An early adopter of technology. The Aquarius symbol is the water bearer symbolizing pouring insight and knowledge for the benefit of humanity. Aquarius approaches situations with the tools of Air: logic and intellect. The waves in Aquarius’ glyph are electromagnetic like brain waves. When Aquarius is around there is a need to be innovative and to create social change. Aquarius is both independent and thrives in groups held together by a common goal.

Plant Seeds of Intention at the New Moon

The moon initiates a new cycle in Aquarius on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2022 at 12:35 pm ET. The new moon is the time of the month when the Sun and Moon meet in the same sign sending you the same energetic instructions. It is a potent time to set intentions.

The new moon is an ideal time to plant seeds of intention, of your future self, in the present moment.

What are the Aquarius Rulerships?

When the sun and moon are in Aquarius the following life areas are activated. Setting your intentions around these areas will have a more powerful effect.

  • Inventions: Innovative Ideas, Brilliance, Eccentricity

  • Future: New Trends, Technology, Long Term Goals

  • Humanitarianism: Seeking Outcomes for the Good of All

  • Revelations: Excitement, Surprises, Freedom

  • Big Picture: Objectivity, Divination Tools, Manifesting Dreams

  • Friendship: Friends, Groups, Networks, Forthrightness, Platonic Love

  • Excessive Detachment: Aloofness, Erractic Behavior, Inflexible Opinions

Aquarius Rulerships. Set intentions. Inventions, Future, Humanitarianism, Revelations, Big Picture, Friendship, Excessive Detachment.

What are the tarot cards associated with Aquarius?

All of the 12 zodiac signs have six tarot cards that are associated with it. The Star represents Aquarius. The Fool represents Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius. The King of Swords is the embodiment of fixed air. The minor arcana cards are five of swords, six of swords, and seven of swords. They represent fixed air energy. It is all about stabilizing thoughts, ideas and social interactions.

Aquarius Tarot Cards: The Star, The Fool, King of Swords. Take an innovative approach toward designing and manifesting the life we want. yesspiral.


Aquarius is represented by The Star in tarot. The Star card symbolizes hope, inspiration, and gratitude in a tarot reading.