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Aries Waning Moon

Reflect and assess what is working and what needs to go from your life and intentions list. Make note of what brings you joy and what frustrates you.

Aries Waning Moon, release resistance to directing your life, ram, glyph, constellation


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is its leader. Aries focuses on itself and takes assertive action towards independence. Aries works with the tools of fire: personal will, identity, creativity, and optimism. The symbol for Aries is the Ram. The Aries glyph looks like the curving horns of the Ram. The Aries influence brings out a need to be independent and develop authenticity. It drives us to take courageous action towards goals and intentions. There is an urgency to focus, get started on things, and set boundaries. The tarot card associated with Aries is The Emperor.

Aries is Cardinal Fire aka Queen of Wands
Queen of Wands, Cardinal Fire, take action and direct your life.

The Moon in Aries

When the moon is in Aries the mood is energized, direct, independent and rebellious. It may influence us to be spontaneous and enthusiastic. Consider working in short intense bursts rather than long periods of concentration. Launch a project or initiate an action on your to do list.  Express independent and authentic thoughts and ideas. Be clear and to the point. Cut to the chase. Clear the air. Demolish narratives and structures that hinder your progress. Set healthy boundaries.  Prepare space for a garden in your back/front yard or window sill.

Aries Waning Moon

Aries Waning Moon - 07/09/23

The Aries Waning Moon invites you to release resistance to directing your life. Think about a time when you took no action out of fear of what may happen. Contrary to popular belief doing nothing is a choice. It also means you are allowing the universe to decide for you. Work with the element of fire tools and next time weigh out your options and take an action. Also be creative about it.

YesSpiral New Moon Intention Journal

Aries Waning Moon Tarot or Oracle Spread

Revisit your new moon spread New Moon Spread and review the intentions you made at the new moon, pick out card number 4 place it in the center as card number one. Shuffle your deck and ask...

Aries waning moon tarot spread
  1. What do you release at the Aries waning moon?

  2. What direction do you want to go in life?

  3. In what way are you leader?

  4. What courageous action can you take?

  5. What can you get started on?

Gemini 2023 Moonth Cycle Review

The Gemini new moon cycle the energy starts off adaptable. Then we move into quick and driven cardinal energy at the waxing, full, waning and next new moon. This is going to be a taking initiative type of Moonth! This ambitious and enthusiastic energy will help us to get ideas and projects out into the world.

  1. Gemini New Moon - 06/18/23 - Develop your social and communication skills. The tools of the time are thoughts and intention.

  2. Libra Waxing Moon - 06/26/23 - Nourish your partnerships and collaborate with others. The tools of the time communication and intellect.

  3. Capricorn Full Moon - 07/03/23 - Celebrate your ambition and success. The tools of the time are practicality and stability.

  4. Aries Waning Moon - 07/09/23 - Release resistance to directing your life. The tools of the time are taking action and creativity

  5. Cancer Next New Moon - 07/17/23 - Develop your financial security. The tools of the time are dreams and spirituality.

Yesspiral new moon intention journal

Updated June 2023

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