• Yez

Dark Moon in Scorpio

The dark moon is when no sunlight is reflected on the moon towards the earth and it is not visible in the sky. This occurs two or three days before the New Moon arrives. Figuratively speaking, this is the time of death before rebirth of the moon.

Reflection, meditation, and introspection are called for at this time. Review the intentions set at the beginning of the moonth and reflect on where you stand. It is a great time to let go of the old and tired things in order to make space for new and exciting beginnings.

The moon is currently back in Scorpio, where we started this moonth. Scorpio is all about emotional intensity, mystery, transformation.

Scorpio Rules Over:

Power: Secrets, Politics, Psychology, Charisma

Transcendence: Transformation, Change, Restoration, Forgiveness

Crisis: Compulsions, Obsessions, Intense Interactions, Living on the Edge

Self-Mastery: Good vs Evil, Self-Discipline, Commitment, Character

Bonding: Sex, Absorption, Soul Mates, Deep Emotional Connections

Financial Partnerships: Loans, Taxes, Debts, Grants, Wills, Contracts

Misuse of Power: Revenge, Jealousy, Judgements, Power Struggles, Suspicion, Guilt

Health: Organs of Elimination, Menstrual Cycle, Sexual Diseases & Organs

Take a few long deep breaths.

On the inhale visualize your intentions manifested.

On the exhale visualize yourself releasing the things that no longer fit in the life you visualize for yourself.