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Full Moon in Gemini

The moon became Full in Gemini today at 4:30am ET. The Full Moon is the climax of the moonthly cycle because it is at it's brightest and can shine light on the deepest parts of ourselves that we can't usually see. It is a powerful time for looking within, healing, shifting blocks, and shedding the past.

Gemini is an Mutable Air sign ruled by Mercury planet of communication. Mercury also rules over Virgo which is the waning moon card coming up next. He affects what we say, our thoughts, and media tools such as computers and phones. Gemini can be witty, clever, fun, and inquisitive when she's skillful and she's sarcastic, gossipy, moody, and two-faced when unskillful.

  • The Lovers - ruled by Gemini - are kindred spirits who speak the same language and share their thoughts and ideas openly and freely. Their love can be platonic or romantic, working together to connect two points of view and experiences to any situation.

  • The Magician - master of space, time, and cosmic energy is ruled by Mercury. He is a channel for transformation and change. He is able to tap into the power of the Universe to manifest his own realty.

  • The Knight of Swords - the fire of air - is skillful, brave, polished, and always ready for an adventure. He loves to exchange ideas and communicates with style and wit.

Take out your journal and tarot/oracle cards

It is a good time to revisit your New Moon Spread and reevaluate the intentions you made during the new moon.

  • Are your intentions taking root into your daily life?

  • What does the Full Moon in Gemini card say to you now?

  • Does your initial impression still stand?

  • Has anything changed?

  • Any new insight in hindsight?

Gemini rules over motion and activity including transportation and during the Gemini New Moon earlier this year I made the intention to start driving again soon and shortly after I was able to get a car and have been driving ever since! The Magician's power of manifestation and the Knight of Swords' brave and adventurous spirit was at work to turn my driving dreams into a reality.

Look back at your notes from the Gemini New Moon (in May) and review those intentions. Have you manifested any? If you have, great! If not, is it something you still want? Is it something to revise or cut out with the Knight's of Air's sword?

It is also a good time to shuffle your deck (or use your intuition) and ask:

  • Do I have a tendency to be sarcastic, gossipy, moody, or two-faced?

  • How can I best share my ideas openly and freely?

  • What in my life needs healing or shifting?

  • What is ready to manifest in my life?

Full Moon Ritual - Charge your Spiritual Tools

The light of the Full Moon amplifies everything with the energy of manifestation. This is why many coven's meet on the full moon to perform their magical rituals.

  • Take out your crystals, rosaries, tarot, and oracle decks (etc) and cleanse them with the scared smoke of sage, cedar, copal or whatever you have on hand. The important thing is cleanse with the intention of clearing energies from the tools.

  • To charge your spiritual tools take them outside where they can get the energy of the moon (a window sill will also do).

  • For each spiritual tool state your intention and add something like "I invite the light and manifestation power of this Full Moon to bless and amplify this spiritual tool so it may serve its highest good. Blessed be."

  • In the morning offer a prayer of gratitude to the moon and your spiritual tools or its potent new energy.

Next up in the is the 3rd Qtr Waning Moon in Virgo on Monday December 7th at 7:36pm.

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