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Full Moon in Libra

The Moonth is at its peak in the analytical Libra
Full Moon in Libra

The moon becomes Full in Libra at 2:48pm ET today. The Full Moon is the climax of the moonthly cycle as it is at its brightest and shines light on the deepest parts of ourselves we usually keep hidden.

Libra invites you to acknowledge what warms your heart and brings you joy. There is a need for harmony, balance, and to find a way to cooperate with others.

Libra is a cardinal air sign meaning its energy is about initiating (cardinal) social and intellectual (air) action. In other words its about starting new friendships and rekindling others that have started to die down. One of Libra's super powers is being charming so this is a good time to pick up the phone and randomly call that friend you've been meaning to reach out to. If they don't answer leave them a cute voicemail. Let them know you are thinking of them and want to set up a time to meet (even if on FaceTime or Zoom).

Libra is ruled by Venus the planet of love, art, and beauty. It is all about harmony, compassion, and acceptance.


Books and notes to review intentions set at Virgo New moon.
Review Your Libra New Moon Intentions

Long View

Did you set intentions on the Libra new moon back in October 2020?

If you did, go to your notes and review your intentions, goals, wishes.

Have any of them come to fruition? Yes? Great! You are focused on what you want.

No? do you still want to work on that? Is it aligned with what you want now? If not, let it go, throw it into the fire. If yes, take a moment to get introspective and tap into the Pisces Water energy of feelings and emotions. Try to imagine out how manifesting those intentions will make you feel. If it feels good, continue working on it. If you feel discomfort then go back and re-word your intention or scrap it.

Moonthly Spread

Short View

Moonthly Spread revisited

Revisit your Pisces New Moon Spread and review the intentions you made during the new moon, pick out card number 3 place it in the center as card number one and then shuffle your deck and ask...

  1. What peaks as the moon becomes full in Libra? (use card number 3 from Pisces new moon spread)

  2. What warms your heart and brings you joy?

  3. How can you invite a feeling of harmony and balance in your life?

  4. What action can you take to rekindle a friendship/relationship?