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Leo Waning Moon

The moon stands in the center of the light of the full moon and dark of the new moon.

Leo waning moon release resistance to enthusiasm and socializing

The Leo waning moon asks us to pause, reflect, assess, and release resistance to being enthusiastic and socializing with others. It is a difficult time to focus on enthusiasm and socializing. In a world filled with turmoil and unrest, we can find comfort by being around friends and family.

What does enthusiasm mean to you?

What about Leo?

Leo is the lion, the ruler of love and the heart. They are enthusiastic, self-assured, and creative leaders. They are generous and full of vitality and inspiration. Leo has a need to express themselves and be appreciated by others. Ruled by the Sun, Leo’s get noticed, they radiate dignity and confidence. The Leo mood is open-hearted, romantic, and playful. The archetypes of Leo are the Performer, the Child, and the Clown. When Leo is on a downward spiral the energy is dictatorial, self-centered, and arrogant. The tarot card associated with Leo is Strength. Strength symbolizes courage, self-discipline, and determination.

Leo is Fixed Fire - AKA King of Swords
The King of Wands, Fixed Fire, Decide to be enthusiastic about the future

The Leo Mood

When the moon is in Leo, the mood is open-hearted, generous, and romantic. It can also be self-centered. You may want to schedule a presentation. Tell a story. Promote yourself or your endeavors. Help others feel special and appreciated. Practice gratitude. Socialize. Do things to take advantage of this extroverted time. Make sure to add flair, creativity, and courage.

Leo Waning Moon

The Leo waning moon invites you to release resistance being enthusiastic and socializing with others. The tools of the time are personal will, creativity, and endurance.

Reflect and Assess

Take a look at your intentions and notes from the Libra new moon and consider what is asking to be released. What can you cut away to make room space for your Libra intentions to manifest. Also, what can you release to make room to set your Scorpio intentions next week?

Leo Waning Moon Tarot Spread

Take out your tarot cards from the Libra New Moon Tarot Spread, find your Leo Waning Moon (card 4) and place it in position number one.

YesSpiral's Leo Waning Moon Tarot Spread
  1. What do you let go of as the moon wanes in Leo? (Use card 4 from the Leo New Moon Tarot Spread or any card if you didn't participate)

  2. How can you release resistance to being enthusiastic about the future?

  3. What makes you feel self-assured?

  4. In what way are you creative?

  5. How can socializing help your relationships?

New Moon Intention Journal

Libra Moonth Cycle Review

This Libra Moonth, the new and waxing moons are both in cardinal signs inviting us to take initiative. The energy will nudge us to develop our relationships and partnerships for our personal development and growth. The waxing moon energy will have us focused on our principles and reputation. We need those when we are developing strong relationships. The full, waning, and next new moon are all in fixed signs. This will give us the persistence necessary to bring our intentions to fruition.

  1. Libra New Moon - The Libra new moon invites you to develop relationships and partnerships. The tools of the time are communication and intellect.

  2. Capricorn Waxing Moon – The Capricorn waxing moon invites you to nourish your principals and reputation. The tools of the time are values and practicality.

  3. Taurus Full Moon - The Taurus full moon invites you to celebrate your consistency and resources. The tools of the time are patience and stability.

  4. Leo Waning Moon - The Leo waning moon invites you to release resistance to enthusiasm and socializing. The tools of the time are action and personal will.

  5. Scorpio Next New Moon - The Scorpio next new moon invites you to develop consistency and purpose. The tools of the time are healing and spirituality.

Next Up is the Scorpio New Moon on 11/13/23

New Moon Intention Setting Workshop on Monday 11/13/23

In person at NYC's Flower Power

Scorpio New Moon Intention Circle at NYC Flower Power

  • Be in community with others

  • Learn about the Scorpio attributes.

  • Set intentions centered around purpose, consistency, and transformation

  • Tarot spread to keep you centered and focused through out the moonth.

New Moon Intention Journal

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