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New Moon in Gemini

Gemini Constellation and Glyph

The moon started a new cycle in Gemini today. The new moon is a time of new beginning and initiations which means it is an ideal time to set Gemini intentions aligned with communication, learning, and networking.

The moon obstructs the sun creating a right of light.
Annular Solar Eclipse

We also had an Annular Solar Eclipse this morning which scientifically means the moon covered the sun creating a ring around the moon. Spiritually this means you will be learning to cultivate personal and professional connections while sharpening your communication skills.

Gemini Tarot Cards

In Tarot, Gemini is represented by The Lovers who are kindred spirits that share their interests, ideas, love, and affection either platonically (siblings or friends) or romantically (spouses or partners).

Gemini is ruled by the planet of communication, learning, and reasoning, Mercury. In the Tarot, Mercury is represented by The Magician who serves as a link between ideas and physical existence and manifests his own reality.

Gemini is an air sign associated with thoughts, logic, and reason. In Tarot Air is represented by the suit of swords and the embodiment of Gemini and Mercury is The Knight of Swords.

Gemini Rulerships

Below is a list of Gemini's rulerships which you can use for inspiration for setting your intentions. In the book New Moon Astrology, Jan Spiller suggests to make a list of up to ten intentions, wishes, or goals. The initiating energy of the new moon is most potent up to 72 hours after the new moon so take out your paper and set the intentions today, tomorrow, or Sunday.

  • Motion and Activity: Short Trips, Transportation, Restless Energy, Excitability

  • Learning: Facts, Formal Education, Media, the Internet , Curiosity

  • Communication: Writing, Speaking, Effective listening and teaching, Mental Rapport, Understanding different opinions

  • Logic: Awareness of options, Cleverness, Short-term results, Handyman skills, Ingenuity, Variety

  • Social Skills: Tact, Acceptance, Quick thinking, Enjoying the moment, Wittiness, Having sociable nature

  • Proximity Relationships: Brothers, Sisters, Neighbors, Schoolmates, Co-workers, Roommates

  • Mental Processes: Excessive questioning, Trickery with words, Superficiality, Nervousness, Indecision

  • Health: Hands, Wrists, Arms and Shoulders, Allergies, Lungs, Breathing, and Nervous System

Last year I set intentions around Gemini's rulership of motion and activity. I wanted to hone my driving skills and get regular access to a car so I could plan short trips into nature. Just two months later I was put in charge of a car for five months and I had the opportunity to get comfortable driving and I went on many short trips outside of New York City.

I wrote a New Moon in Gemini Workbook to go along with the New Moon in Gemini, it expands on what I covered in this blog post and includes ideas on what to do when the moon is new, waxing, full, waning, and dark. It includes Gemini Moon Cycle calendar so you know when the phases are and journaling pages so you can manifest your intentions into reality like the Magician.

I am also hosting a Gemini New Moon circle tomorrow where we will discuss Gemini, set Gemini intentions, and do a Gemini New Moon Tarot Spread.

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