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New Moon in Leo

Red for wands color circle with Leo constellation and glyph

The New Moon is initiating a cycle in Leo on Sunday, August 8th at 9:50am ET. The new moon is a time of new beginnings and initiations which means it is an ideal time to set intentions aligned with Leo rulerships including matters of the heart, creativity, self-confidence, and determination. More on Leo rulerships below.

Image of the lemniscate symbol. A figure eight shaped curve representing infinity.

The Leo new moon ruled by the Sun is aligning with the spiritual sun star Sirius (the brightest star in the night's sky) on August 8th signifying harmony in the spiritual and physical world. This alignment is called the Lion's Gate Portal. Also, the number eight is the same shape as the lemniscate the symbol of infinity giving our intentions an energetic boost to manifest what we want in our lives.

There are four tarot cards that showcase a lemniscate. Do you know which they are? Hint one of them represents Leo in Tarot.

Leo Tarot Cards

In Tarot, Leo is represented by Strength who symbolizes courage, self-discipline, and determination. The woman in the card is displaying spiritual courage and inner harmony to tame the Lion, the king of the jungle. She does it with warmth and kindness instead of force and cruelty. Where in your life do you most need strength at the moment?

Leo is ruled by the Sun, Earth's source for light and energy and vitality. Everything in our solar system revolves around the sun which is why its symbol is a circle with a dot in the center. In astrology The Sun symbolizes the ego and the self. When someone asks what's your sign? What they are really asking is what is your sun sign. In tarot, the Sun symbolizes confidence, self-esteem, willpower, and purpose.

Leo is an fire sign associated with creativity, taking action, and personal will. In Tarot, Fire is represented by the suit of wands. Leo is also a fixed sign represented by King energy in the tarot. The embodiment of Leo and the Sun is The King of Wands symbolizing an inspirational and creative leader.

Leo Rulerships

Every sign holds dominion over different areas of life and when the new moon starts a cycle in Leo the rulerships below are activated and any intentions set related to these areas have the potency to manifest in reality. In the book New Moon Astrology, Jan Spiller suggests to make a list of up to ten intentions, wishes, or goals. The initiating energy of the new moon is most potent up to 72 hours after the new moon which is happening on Sunday, August 8th at 9:50am ET, so set an alarm, take out your pen and paper, and set your intentions at this potent Lions Gate Portal.

  • Heart Connections: Romance, Dating, Affairs, Inner Child, Playfulness

  • Creativity: Creative Projects, Artistic Expression, Enthusiasm, Passion

  • Love: Loyalty, Generosity, Bringing Joy, Encouragement, Kindness

  • Pleasure and Celebrations: Fun, Parties, Vacations, Recreation, Taking Risks for Excitement

  • Dignity: Recognition, Being Center Stage, Self-Confidence, Powerful Self Expression

  • Determination: Leadership, Concentrated Focus, Follow Through, Strength of Purpose, Stamina

  • Arrogance: Pride, Overly Dramatic, Self Centered, Extravagant, Bossy

  • Health: Heart, Back and Spine, Exhaustion, Inflammations

Leo Tarot Spread

Every New Moon I shuffle my tarot deck, pull a card for each of the questions below, and jot down my first impressions upon seeing the cards. The tarot spread provides insight into what is currently growing, at fruition, and asking to be released in my life. In addition, it provides a framework for which to nourish the things I want and to reflect so I may make adjustments in my personal life journey.

  1. What is the seed of the Leo New Moon? (use card number 5 from your Cancer New Moon Tarot Spread, or start fresh this moonth).

  2. What begins to grow as the moon waxes in Scorpio?

  3. What peaks as the moon becomes full in Aquarius?

  4. What do you let go of as the moon wanes in Gemini?

  5. What is the seed of the upcoming moonth in Virgo? (use this card as card number 1 for the New moon in Virgo tarot spread next new moon).

This new moon, tarot, and astrology practice calls me to come back to it weekly when the moon goes into the waxing first quarter phase, the full moon phase, the waning third quarter moon phase, and finally a few days before the next new moon at the dark moon phase. The Leo New Moon Tarot and Astrology Workbook provides all the information in this blog post, all six tarot cards associated with Leo, the tarot and astrology wheel showcasing where all 78 cards fall on the zodiac, additional tarot spreads for each of the moon phases referenced above, plus much, much, more.

If you want to discuss your tarot spread in a sacred circle join the Leo New Moon Circle on Monday, August 9that 7pm.

Sharing in circle creates a powerful force that supports, embraces, and inspires thoughtful speaking and deep listening for lasting change and transformation.

We will discuss the energy and rulerships of Leo and discuss how it is showing up for us. One of the things I like most about sharing in circle is how one can either be a mirror, opposite, or compliment of what others are going through at the moment making for deep reflection and introspection.

Get the workbook and or join the circle, links below.

PS: The cards that showcase a Lemniscate in the Rider Waite Tarot Deck are:

  • The Magician

  • Strength

  • The World

  • Two of Pentacles

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