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New Moon in Sagittarius

The moon started her new cycle in Sagittarius yesterday

The New Moon intention setting energy is potent November 14th - Nov 16th

Each NEW MOON offers an opportunity to take charge of our lives by harnessing the potent power in the atmosphere to solidify our intentions/wishes. 

Get your tarot/oracle cards and journal ready

I suggest you get use a specific journal for your moonthly intentions and tarot spreads.

This makes it easier for you to refer to in the future.




Dispersing enthusiasm


I seek

Astrological House:


Expanding the mind. Broader viewpoints through travel,

spirituality, religion, philosophy, and higher education.

Skillful Application:

Understanding, Visionary, Wise, Hopeful

Unskillful Application:

Condescending, Deluded, Excessive, & Restless

Planetary Ruler:

Jupiter rules our potential. It is where we can expand. It is known as the greater benefic - the bringer of good luck and fortune.

It represents our quest for truth and self knowledge.

Sagittarius Tarot Cards

* Temperance:


* Wheel of Fortune


* Knight of Wands

Fire of Fire

* Eight of Wands

Lord of Swiftness

* Nine of Wands

Lord of Great Strength

* Ten of Wands

Lord of Oppression

Sagittarius Rules Over:

  • Quest for Truth

  • Natural World:

  • Freedom

  • Law

  • Optimism

  • Higher Education

  • Carelessness

Sagittarius Moonth Spread

  1. What is the seed (foundation) of the Moonth in Sagittarius?

  2. What begins to grow as the moon waxes in Aries?

  3. What peaks as the moon becomes full in Cancer?

  4. What do I let go of as the moon wanes Libra?

  5. What is the seed (foundation) of the next moonth in Capricorn? (use this card as card number 1 next moonth).

Pro Tip:

Take a picture of your spread and notes to keep on your phone for quick reference throughout the moonth

Share your spread online with the hashtag #moonthlyspread


Hidden Brain recently posted a podcast called Minimizing Pain, Maximizing Joy to help one come up with strategies to cope with hardship and I thought it was very Sagittarian and helpful at this time. Have a listen and comment to let me know what you think.

Next up in the Sagittarius Moonth Cyle is the Waxing Moon in Aries on Tuesday December 21st

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