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Sagittarius Season 2021

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of going on a quest for truth, optimism, and connection with nature.

Sagittarius Tarot Cards. Temperance, Wheel of Fortune, Knight of Wands

Sagittarius is here to round up Autumn and usher in Winter at the solstice. It is also the time of year when we say goodbye to the current year and make room for the next. Hello 2022! When the sun goes into Sagittarius it means we have under two months before the start of the new year.

Sagittarius encourages us to review all the actions and non-actions we took this year and to be honest with ourselves on what we value and would like to manifest in our lives. At this time it is helpful to spend time discerning and discovering what your personal truth or philosophy of life is.

Sagittarius energy is adaptable, resourceful, and optimistic. It invites us to approach life in a flexible way as we blend what we did in the past with what we would like to do in the future. It is a time to explore what has meaning and truth as we shape our beliefs, expectations, and optimism for the life we want to live. This all serves as a solid foundation for when we get into Capricorn's goals, ambitions, and responsibilities next new moon/season/year.

While under the influence of Sagittarius have fun, be lively, think big and expansively. Good thing we have all those Holiday Parties coming up.

When the moon is in Sagittarius the mood is honest, frank, spontaneous, and optimistic. Break up your daily routine with a yoga stretch. Take the long way home. Talk to someone with a different perspective. Share a controversial topic on social media to spark conversation and deeper understanding.

Plant Seeds of Intention

The moon initiates a new cycle in Sagittarius on Saturday, December 4th, 2021 at 2:43 am ET. The new moon is the time of the month when the Sun and Moon meet in the same sign sending you the same energetic instructions. It is a potent time to set intentions.

This is an ideal time to plant seeds of intention, of your future self, in the present moment

Sagittarius Rulerships

At the new moon in Sagittarius, Set your intentions around

  • Quest for Truth

  • Connection to Nature

  • Freedom

  • Ethics and Morality

  • Optimism

  • Higher Education

  • Carelessness

Sagittarius Tarot Cards

All of the 12 zodiac signs have six tarot cards that are associated with it. Temperance represents Sagittarius and The Wheel of Fortune represents Jupiter. The Knight of Wands is the embodiment of Sagittarius and Jupiter. The minor arcana cards are Eight of Wands, Nine of Wands, and Ten of Wands. They represent Mutable Fire energy which is all about adapting to embracing optimism, creativity, and passion.

Sagittarius is represented by Tarot Card Temperance


the sign of pilgrimage travel, higher education, and philosophy is represented by Temperance. Symbolizing the alchemical process of blending distinct elements to bring out a new way of seeing and doing things. The angel is grounded in reality (foot on ground) and in touch with emotions (foot in water). Representing calm, inner balance, and creativity.

Jupiter is represented by Tarot Card Wheel of Fortune


the greater benefic planet brings luck and good fortune wherever they goes. It is the largest planet in our solar system symbolizing growth and expansion. Both the Wheel of Fortune and Jupiter represent luck, opportunity, success and prosperity.

Fire of Fire is represented by Tarot Card Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands

embodies Sagittarius' explorer nature and Jupiter's expansion with wide ranging interests and a craving for spiritual pursuits. They like to experiment and mix things up. They will go through great lengths to see the world and experience what life has to offer.

Sagittarius Mutable Fire, Eight of Wands, Nine of Wands, Ten of Wands

Sagittarius New Moon Spread

2021 Sagittarius New Moon Tarot Spread

  1. What is the seed (foundation)of the New Moon in Sagittarius? 12/4/21

  2. What begins to grow as the moon waxes in Pisces? 12/10/21

  3. What peaks as the moon becomes full in Gemini? 12/18/21

  4. What do I let go of as the moon wanes Libra? 12/26/21

  5. What is the seed (foundation) of the next new moon in Capricorn? 01/02/22 (use this card as card number 1 next moonth).

Pro Tip:

Take a picture of your spread and notes to keep on your phone for quick and continual reference. You can add it to a note, your home or lock screen, or you can add your spread to your digital altar with the hashtag #moonthlyspread

Sagittarius New Moon Workshop

If you prefer to watch a video check out YesSpiral Sagittarius New Moon Workshop, I discuss everything above plus more:

Sagittarius Summary

Sagittarius New Moon Tarot and Astrology Workbook

Everything shared here plus more is organized in a workbook to guide you in introspective journaling (analog or digital) with Tarot as the moon makes her way around the zodiac.

Sagittarius New Moon Circle

Brew up a cup of tea, light a candle, and log in for an evening of sharing Sagittarius insights in a new moon circle on Saturday, December 4th 2021 at 7pm ET on Zoom.

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